Create Your Photography Website - Free With Auto Update Option

Let's learn "How You Can Create Your Own Photography Portfolio Website" without any cost and with auto updating feature. Free image hosting and many other features included.

I just have found a way to create a stunning photography website - all for free. Using a new online tool. It is a great and amazing tool with many outstanding features.

Just imagine: You think about something in real and take a pic if that thing. Than! You upload it to any social network like Facebook or Flickr.
Create Your Photography Website - Free With Auto Update Option
What if a website (your own website) aggregate your shots and categorized them into many topics. Such as nature to people?

You upload photos to your social profiles and your website upload them in it without asking your permission (you can set permissions). And many other things you can done with this tool. Let's read more.

Create your own free photography website using Siftr

Creating your photography website is easy now.

Siftr is a newly launched app for creating stunning and automatic updating websites. Read what what you can do with it:
  • You can create a fully functional website with free sub-domain and hosting
  • You can create a website like create it and forget it (Siftr will handle hard work for you)
  • You can create your website using your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr
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There are many other features as shown in below image:
Edit menus for siftr -
So this is what you can do with Siftr.

Let's learn how you can create your own.

  1. Just go to and signup using your social media profile
  2. Select your account and give your email address
  3. Siftr will send you the URL of your website (which is already functional)
  4. You don't need to edit your website, if you want to. Then you can login using your social account
After that you can edit your website as you like to show it to your visitors.
If you want to see a demo you can visit my newly created website with Sift at

Final thoughts


Now you have the chance to avail this offer before world knows about it. Get your URL there and start making a great photography website.

No technical knowledge required, No coding, No skill needed, No need to update manually and you can even change the layouts.

Ha! What you are waiting for? Go ahead and start your photography website today.