SEO is Nothing - It's Just a Starting point for Newbies

Boom Boom SEO!

This is the line you (maybe your SEO boy) say after getting a high spot at serps. I don't.

Because I have the case studies on this matter.

I got many of mine blog posts on first page of Google Search just by content quality.

You know why I don't say Boom Boom SEO? Probably no!
SEO is Nothing - It's Just a Starting point for a Newbie blogger

I am not saying that SEO is dead or other crap words.

I said SEO is just a starting point for a newbie blogger. Don't take it very serious.

Wait and read this article, I will describe it to you.

SEO is basically nothing to cry about. If you do things professionally, you don't need to pay any SEO company. Let's learn how!

Your Blog, SEO and Users are Relative now!

Yes! You have a search engine optimization master in your blogging office?

Getting some visitors to your blog?

Believe me!

These three main buddies are now relatives. As Google and other search engines are now showing the result of users queries using many data generating techniques.

Some of them written below:
  • Cookies - cached memory in internet browsers
  • Language - The language in which user mostly search
  • Search history - What people search mostly on internet using different tools
  • Geographic location - Where is user located, good for local businesses
  • Device type - Search engine robots are now showing responsive blogs to all devices (in serps)
  • Time of day or year - If you search for XYZ news at 11-2016, it will show you only 11-2016's articles
There is a number of factors, to determine best links for searchers.

You know?

I know, Google is clever and the thing which Google is now focusing on is "Personalized Search".
It means: If you search for a ABC keyword and click on XYZ website's link (which is at 7th spot). Again! you search for ABC keyword for a later time. You amazingly got that link at 1st or 2nd spot.
This is what personalized search is.

Here the Social media & Paid ads comes in Work

Our point should be drive traffic to our websites.

No problem how it come and where it come from. As I am the first to break this news:
FACEBOOK is getting traffic from PORN websites. I can prove it live. They show ads on porn sites and link to their main page.
I would like to get your answers (pros) about this breaking news from my side.

Probably you couldn't get any statement about this. I am the one who breaks it on internet.

Now you are thinking to link your website on porn websites? Don't do this shit. Because you are a Google Adsense publisher and may you got the big banned award by Adsense team.

Try to advertise your website/blog using Google Adwards and other legitimate ad-networks. Like these:
  2. Infolinks
  3. Adroll
  4. Adversal
You can use social media advertising system too.

Twitter is best at advertising your business online using a social media platform.

Global Search vs Local Search

You know in starting days Google gives the results all over the world using same techniques.

It means no relevant results that was. But! Now anyone can get most relevant search results.

This is because of Local search system and personalized search too.
  • Now if a person search for XYZ images, he will get images at Google search
  • If he search for apps, he will got apps results
  • If he search for videos, he will got the video results
In many cases if you search for a restaurant near you.

Google has the ability to show you a map of restaurants near you.

Yup! There is no need to install separate apps, for such things.

You can search on Google and Google is enough for you to give you most relevant answers.
Do focus on your local search and try to engage your customers online for a better visibility at serps.
You can engage them by taking your menu online.

Giving your loyal customers a online presence at your website.

They will love your kindness and share your website on their social profiles.

NO SEO? Then What?


SEO is nothing buddies.

Try to make relationship with your readers and customers. Search engines will also follow you.

Main thing in SEO is Content.

If you give the #1 priority to your content, you don't need to hire a search engine optimization monster.

Read my guidelines for different online websites:
  • Are you a online pizza delivery network? Try to add low price pizzas and offer buy 1 get 1 free
  • Are you have a online clothing store? Give more trendy out-fits and cheapest in price
  • Are you a medical agency online? Try to make community for discussions and give helpful tips for health
  • Are you a freelancer? Make a ask-me page and let people ask you different questions. Reply them online at your blog.
My bullet point is: Give what people want in your niche.

Don't be afraid to talk live (at your blog/website).

Thanks for reading this :)