Top 7 Tools for Improving Your Blogging Skills

Nowadays, blogging has become one of the most popular jobs.

It is a challenging occupation that requires hard-work, patience and originality. Being a blogger means being innovative and passionate about your writings!

However, blogging is not about you: it’s about your readers. If they read your articles, you are successful and smart! If they don’t, then…
Top 7 Tools for Improving Your Blogging Skills
You might need some help.
You just happen to be in the right place.

There are multiple types of blogs:
  • ·         Personal (Insight/Life blogging) – in which the writer describes his impressions about a certain subject. He reaches to people by making an impact on their inner feelings and compassion. The personal style focuses on humanity subjects such as love, family, travel or music;
  • ·         Educational (Reality blogging) – which can vary depending on the subject debated. The writer usually writes in an unbiased manner and reaches to people’s reasoning qualities; includes topics like politics, economics or business. The educational style can discuss different books, magazines or films;
  • ·         Sporting (Announcement/Review blogging) – the writer can sustain both objective and subjective perspectives. He can articulate for or against one team/sports policy or only discuss the topic in general;
  • ·         Fashion (Brand blogging) – the blogger gives fashion-related advice usually in an unbiased manner;
  • ·         How-to (List blogging) – this is a type of blog that can cover any of the previous subjects. It can give personal advice (“How to get over your ex: My personal story”), educational advice (“How to be well informed all of the time”), sport-related advice (“How to be a true supporter: Best tips ever”), or fashion advice (“How to conquer the party: Your best guide in fashion”).
The blogging market is highly competitive today. Everybody considers blogging an easy and funny way to make money. You can travel and blog, cook and blog or even watch TV and blog at the same time. It’s all about imagination and inspiration!

The fact that blogging is such a competitive job should be an exclamation point for every writer. One cannot be the best without constantly paying attention to new online trends and tools. Due to the fact that the number of bloggers has exponentially increased in the last years, a successful blogger has to develop new skills and abilities constantly throughout his career in order to remain on top. That requires time, commitment and a lot of dedication.

If you want to be a blogger, this is the first question you need to ask yourself: are you willing to fully commit? If the answer is yes, then the next important aspect you need to consider is your willingness to discover new writing features and techniques. To be ahead of the game means to be informed about everything that is related to the field you specialize in. This improvement in your blogging approaches will eventually lead to a significant growth in your success rate and consequently, a substantial growth in the number of your readers.

On the other hand, if you are not willing to expand your aptitudes, there is a very big chance that the writer right behind you will take your place. That is why you need to start improving yourself!

We are going to show you the most efficient ways to strengthen your techniques and abilities that we are sure you already own. Here are the most important seven tools that will make you succeed!

1. Hemingway Editor - If you want to check how hard it is for your readers to understand your content, Hemingway Editor is the most appropriate tool that you can use. The application provides you a “Readability” grade and highlights the issues that can be improved in your paper.

Usually, a good article has a simple vocabulary and clear sentences. You should always use straightforward descriptions and as few adverbs as you can. You should aim for not more than 2 adverbs per page.

Another thing that you might want to avoid is the use of passive voice. It just makes readers less involved in the reading and there is a higher chance of them losing interest.

2. Google Calendar - Planning and organization are two of the most essential assets to any successful blogger. Sometimes the tasks you have to complete can be overwhelming. You need something that helps you keep track of your work!

Google Calendar allows you to make changes to your schedule from any computer you log into.

The best part is that you don’t even have to download the app: all you have to do is access your web browser and see your organized schedule!

3. BuzzSumo - Have you ever wondered whether your readers will share your work or not? Will they promote you? In order to evolve, you have to know where to aim!

BuzzSumo gives you an accurate idea whether your article captures your reader’s attention or not! This helpful tool gives you tips on which content performs best on social media!

This saves you a lot of time and makes your topics even more interesting to read!

4. Australian Writings

Speaking of time, Australian Writings is the one tool that saves it for you. If you are a calculated writer, you have to publish at least one article every three days in order to be reliable and gain market credibility. Although we all try to do our best to complete our tasks, there are moments when we cannot finish our duties on time.

Australian Writings is the tool you want to use whenever you find yourself in such an uncomfortable situation. It is the fastest writing company in Australia that provides a professional writing service.

They have a very long history of satisfied customers and are of great help whenever you need them. Their staff is also very cooperative and willing to help at any time.

They offer 100% original content. You should definitely try it!

5. Grammarly - An article full of grammatical mistakes will make you seem an unprofessional content writer.

Readers want to be confident in what they are reading! Don’t be lazy and double check your spelling and grammar with Grammarly. Trust me, even a small mistake matters!

Or should I say mistake?

6. Canva - If you want to give an artistic look to your blog page, Canva is the wisest choice.

It gives you all the necessary tools to create custom graphics that go with your posts.

The best feature of Canva is that it comes with special templates for each site. If you want a graph customized for Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, all you have to do is access this website.

7. MemeGenerator - Memes are the most popular tools that you can use! Readers are more attracted to a funny article than to some dull old writing! You can use memes in order to give your post a note of happiness and youth. Be creative, be innovative, be smart!

There is a constant need for developed bloggers throughout the world. By applying all the tools that you have just learned to use, you can make a great impact in the blogging sector!

Help blogging evolve and develop your skills at the same time.

Apply what you have just learned now!
Guest contribution by: Jessica Freeman a professional journalist and a freelance content writer from Sydney, Australia. She focuses her content writing on education, career, success, and academic topics. You can follow her on Facebook and Google+.