How to Make Money with AdClerks - Coupon, Guide & Review

AdClerks was founded in 2012 by James Hakim, as PublicityClerks (now re-branded as AdClerks) breaking the advertising marketplace road by giving high-class, pure and professional advertising services for publishers to advertisers.

Everyone can join there and start making money from few days of adding ad-code on blog/site.

As you can see we are using there services and satisfied working with them, you can start making money with AdClerks even if you have a small blog/site with no more then 50K impressions. AdClerks also considered as BuySellAds and Google Adsense alternative.
How to Make Money with AdClerks - Gift, Guide & Review
I personally contacted the team behind this incredible platform and got some surprises for AllBlogThings readers. Which I will reveal in this post.

So before applying for an account there, read there benefits and features you can enjoy for free.

Features and benefits of AdClerks

AdClerks is a feature rich advertising marketplace and provides with every bit of option you can think of to have when you visit or try to use any online advertising platform.

Some of them are listed below:
  1. Best for small online business with minimum impressions and we can start earning money even when we get only 2 or 3K impressions (depends on your industry)
  2. Good support for every user of AdClerks and they provide answers to every question
  3. Two payouts per month and payout(s) starts from just $25 which is easily achievable with your good traffic blog
  4. Low margin (they charge only 15% to 25% on every successful ad sale on your blog/site) so that means you can payout the earnings you can see in your payments page
There are many other hidden benefits and features of AdClerks for publishers like: you can set and forget the advertising system on your blog/site using auto approve option for every ad-sale and a fully functional cart for your advertising page.
With that on-site-cart you can start selling ad-spaces without asking the advertiser to leave your site/blog. So if you want to use or try this great platform you can now read the requirements for getting approved on AdClerks.

How to get approved at AdClerks

Its easy!

You just have to submit your blog/site which is having a minimum traffic or impression stats of 100K. Even if you are getting low traffic you can apply and they will accept you having their advertisers needs in mind.

Read the checklist before submitting your site/blog to AdClerks:
  1. Your site/blog should be finished with fresh content and live
  2. Your site/blog at least receiving more then 100k impressions (if you are in low you can still submit for a review)
  3. You have to design your site/blog with responsiveness and a good looking layout (also minimum ads)
  4. Only top level domains can be added, means that you can't get approval with a free sub-domain blog like example.blogspot or example.weebly.
  5. Site/blogs written in any other language rather then English can't be accepted

Don't ever dare to think that you can get bot or spam traffic to generate money form AdClerks. They are flexible and they can detect you.

So, avoid getting traffic from automatic bots or any other PPC fraud website.

How to start earning money with AdClerks

Just go ahead and add ads-code in your blog or site and starting making money with AdClerks from few days of your start.

Its easy as ABC:
  1. Open and login
  2. Navigate to Publisher menu from left-sidebar and click on my sites
  3. Now create a new ad zone and do add prices and change other settings
  4. No copy add code and paste in your site's HTML area
You are all done.

Now you can sit back and AdClerks will start crawling impressions to index and show advertisers that you have great opportunity with AdClerks.

You also can get ads running without any work as they have set auto approve system as default to make sure that you get the best and in-time services.

Gift: Here's a free gift for you

If you are a loyal reader of this blog (AllBlogThings), you are eligible to claim free 10 dollars to spend on AdClerks and get more traffic.

You can use this coupon code even if you don't have an account there (as a publisher or advertiser) you can spend these 10 dollars for free.
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NOTE: Only first 50 users will avail this offer, minimum spend is $30


I have created this review, guide + a gift blog post on AdClerks for you in a short and clear way to make it sure that you don't waste a second on reading bullshit and start exploring the online money making world with AdClerks.

If you want more information or payment proofs, you can comment here or contact to me at

Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride with AdClerks.