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When it comes to managing, social media profiles the task can seem almost overwhelming at times.

To that end, tools like HootSuite have been made available as resources for people to be able to more easily take care of building their social media communities. HootSuite Company was founded in 2008 and is in Vancouver, Canada.

The CEO, Ryan Holmes, launched HootSuite to help user manage social media accounts like G+, Twitter & Facebook plus more.
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While Hootsuite is the perfect solution for many, there are others like me in the market who have never quite been able to integrate into the platform, though I have tried.

Which brings us to asking if there are good alternatives for what HootSuite offers? Fortunately, the answer is yes and we are about to explore each.

10 Alternatives to HootSuite

It should be noted that the following suggestions are not listed in any order of preference but rather offered so that you can review each further to determine the best way of taking care of your social media marketing initiatives.
It should be further noted that I am not affiliated with any one of the sites mentioned within this article.

As such, the information that follows is completely unbiased from any personal gain should you choose one platform over another or not.

1.    Send Social Media One of the unique features with Send Social Media is that it seam-less-ling connects social media, email and SMS platforms together as one.

If you are looking to track activity taking place on Yelp or City Search, then this platform would be good for you to investigate further.

The 3 main reasons business owners would want to connect up with Send Social Media is because they can help you to grow your brand, track results of your work and as a result build a stronger business.

2.    SocialPilot Schedule the posts and campaign structures according to your preferred timings.
  • Release your content when the majority of your audience is actively engaged online.
Integrates seamlessly with, IOS app store & Google Play.

3.    Social Booster Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and many other social media platforms may be easily managed.

No matter what size your business is (small, medium or large) Social Booster works.  It is important to note that Google+ is not integrated into this system.

RSS feeds, ads manager, advanced analytics and more can be integrated in.  It depends on which of their many plans you have opted into.

4.    Sprinklr Post content including FB apps, quizzes, polls and social ads internationally within the reach of 70 different languages.
Along with posting you are able able to monitor and listen to the pule of your audience.

5.    SocialOomph Integrates seamlessly with Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, Blogs, RSS feeds and more.

Allows you to schedule and publish posts from as many blogs as you like.  Includes functionality for auto-responders.

6.     Agora Pulse Manage Instagram, Twitter, Facebok and other social media properties.

Easily segment your audience depending on the level of their engagement with you.

Create, release and maintain promotions, contests and campaigns leading to increased engagements.

7.    Cision (Formerly ViralHeat) Customize the number of users and social media accounts within your marketing efforts.

Find out the latest happenings via eMail alerts based on keywords and/or profiles that you identify as being important to you.

Manage Pinterest, Twitter, G+, FB, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram and more.

8.    Sprout Social Draft, schedule, queue, and post your messages within the world of social media.

You can also manage and assign work related responsibilities to various team members as well as monitor the success of your social marketing strategies.

9.    Buffer Post content to profiles and/or pages within FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Pinterest without having to individually schedule each release.

Integrate RSS feed technology into your social media marketing plans.

Using their Pablo image tool, you can also create meme's and other images to share with your networks.

10.    Social Clout Easily manage FB, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn social profiles.
  • Online forums, news sites, blogs and more are also able to be monitored and maintained.
Find out what is happening with your brands name in real time as social mentions go live.

Concluding Thoughts About Hootsuite Alternatives

As you can see, there are many options available for managing your social media marketing strategies.  Test out the one’s that appeal to you most and decide which platform works best for your own individual purposes.

In the process, please share with us your discoveries about best practices for social media marketing online.  My own focus is advising interested viewers on the best way to learn affiliate marketing productivity, but why stop there?

Have you used some of the above tools before?  What did you like about them?  What didn’t you like?

Which of the tools listed above looks to be of most interest for your own specific needs and purposes?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s make this page a resource of resources when it comes to social media management.
Guest contribution by: Guy Siverson a Guest Blogger who has spent over 20 years helping people succeed on the Web.  His latest work empowers at to prosper financially.