Best Web Hosting Company Roundup with Real Users

Best Web Hosting Company Roundup with Real Users

After the great success of our first big SEO Roundup With Experts now we are here with a mini but authority roundup and if you wanted to buy some hosting accounts or a hosting package for your small website?

And looking for the best ever hosting provider which will be with you every time of problems and don't let your website or blog go into the drain?

If yes, then you are on the right spot as we have created this best web hosting roundup with real users to determine that what is the best hosting company which is a broad choice of web developers and others.

Here we have 4 top-notch hosting quality providers which are suggested by the real users and web developers to everyone:

  1. Name Cheap
  2. Digital Ocean
  3. MilesWeb
  4. GoDaddy
  5. Inmotion Hosting

We have listed that web hosting providers from the suggested paragraphs submitted by the real web hosting users and we also didn't replace the numbering of them and in the end, we will tell you the winner of this best hosting company roundup.

So let's read the views and reviews and tips with real case studies of original people who are using these web hosting companies to host their websites and blogs and let yourself know about the best ever hosting provider.

NameCheap: Used by Umar Farooq for EasyAsFart

Umer's bio: Hi, Umar Farooq here. I teach YouTube on my blog as well as on Urdu Tube -, my YouTube channel where I teach Tips to Grow on YouTube in Urdu/Hindi language. I have two years of experience with the company I'm reviewing in this post.
Well, was one of my first websites/blogs where I started teaching Blogging, SEO and stuff related to Online Marketing.

This is when I decided to buy hosting from

Yeah, NameCheap isn't just for Domains, it's for Hosting, too.

And lemme tell you, I LOVED my 2 years with their Basic Shared Hosting Plan, which cost me, I guess, $10 at the time.

I always got into issues in my WordPress site, as that was the first time I was using WordPress. I moved from Blogger, of course. And now, I'm again using Blogger, because I don't like how we have to renew domain AND hosting after one year.

So, this is why I've always hated subscription-based purchases. IDM on the other hand, was a good investment, as I only had to pay a ONE-TIME.

Anyways, back to the review...

So, Pishtal was the first website that I started working on, and bought Basic Shared Hosting from NameCheap. After that, I always contacted their support, even to resolve the issues I had to, myself, because those were things like a Plugin that wasn't working correctly.

I thought I was supposed to contact Hosting's Support for that too! :P

Well, instead of replying back with "Sorry, we can't help you with these things, unfortunately!", they always helped me. :)

I, on the other hand, always contacted them, again and again, and their support assisted me for HOURS too, sometimes.

That is exactly why I think there's NO other support out there, right now at least that has such service.

I'm 1000% sure that you're going to LOVE your experience too with NameCheap, if you decide to buy their hosting, even a Shared one. :)

So yeah, this is what I had to say about my favorite hosting of all time. Not that I've bought hosting my entire life! :P I did buy hosting from HostGator too, If I'm not wrong, and their support didn't really satisfy my questions and needs.

Just like I said, those things were supposed to be fixed by ME, and not hosting support. But still, NameCheap's support always helped me with those too!

I won't be including my affiliate link here, because I want you to trust me, and just give them a try! :) I'm sure you're going to be their customer for the rest of your blogging life. Unless, you're doing some heavy traffic hitting sites, like Viral Blogging or something. Because their Dedicated Servers aren't that great, as a friend of mine had experienced.

Only the shared hosting has more value than its price. So, I would say, if you're into Shared Hosting right now, there's NO other company that can beat NameCheap.
  • rating for the hosting company ( 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

NameCheap: Used by Tayyab Saqlain Zakki for keen2learn

Tayyab's Bio: Online instructor teaching people on his blog on various topics and guiding through tips and tutorials.
Well, first of All, let me appreciate your good work. You guys are doing a great job by helping Newbies, and I hope this post will help newbies too like all of your others posts do.

Now without wasting time lets come to the point. I have done business with many Hosting companies, but I think two of them are the best. First one is

Why I prefer iPage is because its very cheap Hosting Company and newbie can afford it very easily and its cPanel is very easy to use.

Anybody with no skills can easily use iPage and if you face any issue on iPage cPanel, then you don't need to worry because iPage Team is very corporative, they immediately help when you are in trouble, and that's why I will prefer you to go for iPage if you are a newbie.

Another hosting which I'm using is NameCheap, NameCheap hosting is perfect if you have multiple websites and it is also cheap for the first year. You can get unlimited hosting for almost 40$ per Year.

And it is of the lowest market price. NameCheap hosting has many benefits like NameCheap allows you to install SSL Security on your website for free and unlimited email and Shell Access.

There are endless Benefits of NameCheap hosting. NameCheap has almost 99% Uptime, and I haven't faced any problem in the one year of experience in NameCheap.

Conclusion: If you are a newbie, then I will prefer you to iPage. Because it's easy to use and its price is very low. (Recommended for newbies) And if you are an average level Blogger I mean if you can afford much price from your blogs; then you should go for NameCheap because Namecheap has many facilities for his users. (recommended for Bloggers).
  • rating for the hosting company ( 🌟🌟🌟🌟

DigitalOcean: Used by Dilip Sharma for Blogmatric

Dilip's bio: Hi guys. I'm Dilip here. I am blogger currently handiling few small blogs. I love to see them growing. Conect with me on FB / Twitter @TheDilipSharma.
Best Hosting Company? Well, this company is not only well for me but for all blogger out there. Best support, tremendous specs, economical price and lots of freedom. You're guessing it right. Its DO, commonly known as Digital Ocean.

DigitalOcean, is an American cloud infrastructure provider headquartered in New York City with data centers worldwide. DigitalOcean provides developers cloud services that help to deploy and scale applications that run simultaneously on multiple computers. As of December 2015, DigitalOcean was the second largest hosting company in the world in terms of web-facing computers.
I'm using Digital ocean from starting of 2016. I am impressed with it. After using DO I never even thought of trying other Hosting. Digital Ocean is pure love but if you're not a coder then you may face some problems as DO is an unmanged hosting server you need to manually do all the things.

Wait, Its okay that you're not a coder or developer. Service like and server pilot exist for making you work simpler and easier. I'm personally using ServerAvatar lauched by Adarsh. It is lot more easier to manage server with ServerAvatar now.

Digital Ocean have $ 5, $10, $20 and many more plans. You can choose according to your requirement. Overall, say yes to Digital Ocean right now.

For WordPress specific site hosting I will suggest, they have got some really good plans and awesome support.

MilesWeb: Used by Dev OM for MeditationTeachersTraining

“This is Dev OM provide practical & intensive meditation teacher certificate training & personal transformation retreats in online & real class mode.”
With my experience, MilesWeb is the best web hosting company & domain registrar in India. They have been excellent in web hosting business. They provide the best support for all web hosting related issues. The support executive of MilesWeb has been very quick to respond & resolve. I would definitely recommend MilesWeb to other website owners as well.

MilesWeb is top rated web hosting company that provides you most affordable web hosting services. Established in 2002, MilesWeb has served more than 18000 customers all over the world. It is the highest rated web hosting company that provides the best uptime for website.

MilesWeb has always put customers as their very first priority providing 24/7/365 days technical support. Whenever I need any web hosting support, their technical person is always available to assist me.

I understand that one cannot evaluate the caliber of any service until you try it. So, MilesWeb provides you flexibility to cancel the plan within 30 days. You would hardly face any website downtime which is a prime concern of many website owners.

It is the highest rated web hosting company providing you best VPS hosting, reseller hosting, AWS cloud, WordPress hosting, DigitalOcean cloud, Magento hosting, dedicated server, business hosting, domain registration, Windows hosting, SSL certificates, etc.

MilesWeb has never let me down for the trust I have shown in them & provided me the best & reliable hosting solution. They are always committed to provide an exceptional web hosting solution & reach your expectations. Here, you will always find the best infrastructure solutions to host your website.

GoDaddy: Used by Guy Siverson for SYOAMB

Guy's bio: Guy Siverson is an Online Marketing coach and public speaker who enjoys writing about legitimate strategies for making money on the Web both on his blog and as a Guest Blogger for other sites targeted toward the marketing arena. 
My answer may surprise some and annoy others.

However, if I were going to go with a hosting provider that was beyond my friend Kevin and his private option it would not be Host Gator.

While Host Gator does provide an affordable platform, I find their support unacceptable. The actual support itself isn’t bad but getting to it is the problem. Since I believe that a product is only as good as the support it provides that option isn’t for me.

I’ve had great success with Blue Host. Their tools appear to integrate well with WordPress and support is fantastic. I often find that when I call they answer on the first ring without a huge labyrinth of details to traverse through. Yet, for some reason they don’t make the grade with me as the top dog that I would use.

Recently I joined a program called Wealthy Affiliate which offers its own internal hosting which I am using. It is a fantastic service that includes a comment portal which is 2nd to none in my opinion. With their entire system, I have taken a brand-new website near the 1 million mark on Alexa in less than 90 days. As an online training program, I find them to be awesome but they missed #1 because they don’t interact well with some WordPress plugins which I want to be using.

I have used or am using all the above at some point in my career and while I’m not proactively using my #1 choice at this current time, the top host service provider in my opinion would be GoDaddy. Yes, I know there are things that people don’t like about GoDaddy. However, they are well known, offer awesome support and have always fixed issues promptly for me.

Perhaps choosing the right hosting provider depends largely on what you plan to do on the Web. As an Online Marketing coach and public speaker, I’m not delving into complicated programming issues. If I were, I am not sure that GoDaddy would have been final choice. To that end, I recommend assessing what it is that you are wanting to do before choosing your preferred provider. Then based on your requirements interview the one’s that you have determined are at the top of your list and proceed accordingly.
  • rating for the hosting company ( 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Inmotion Hosting: Used by Abdul Samad Essani for TheKsaToday

Abdul's bio: People know me as Professional Blogger or you can say dummy of many online businesses. Besides this I'm SEO Consultant, WordPress Theme Designer and Tech Savvy Guy who is an inspiration of many. I'm the only Founder and CEO at Born Blogger..
Writing a review for a hosting company is quite daring things.


You can't even judge that which hosting is working for you and which hosting will not work for another person.

I've tried many hosting companies but finally found one good company and which is _________ should I tell you? :P Well, I'm here to tell you and yes I'll but let me reveal it in a suspense.

Actually the hosting company I found is so awesome, 100% uptime and having best customer support as far as I know they also provide Affiliations so you can also make a good kind of money if you use it and then sell it to other peoples! :)


Wait....wait....wait, I haven't told you the company name :P

You'll be like in so excitement to use it, I know man, come on, wait a bit :P

Okay, I'm sorry, I'm telling you here :P

Actually, The hosting company in-fact the best hosting company I'm using is INMOTION HOSTING! :) Be happy and stay blessed!

DigitalOcean: Used by Dennis Seymour for DenseyMour

Dennis's bio: Growth at SeriousMD and LeapFroggr. Find me on Snapchat!
Digital Ocean is my host of choice. It's been reliable and cost effective for my blogs, websites and experiments.

It’s super easy to deploy a new droplet, install new websites or run new projects on. It’s also easy to monitor the server’s stats just to see if there’s anything wrong.

I’ve been running blogs for years and I’ve been looking from host to host and with Digital Ocean, the downtime has been really, really rare. Their support is quick and they help me out immediately, so I commend their team.

Other hosts have started to just use live chat to handle their ticket support but for me, that’s a big waste of my time. I have to wait (usually 10-30 minutes) and when I do get to talk to somebody, they can’t even help solve my issue. For Digital Ocean, this has never been the case.

One last thing, it has been extremely easy to just upgrade my server if my site needed to. It has been difficult for me in the past with other hosts but here, it’s basically just a quick click and you’re good to go.

Can’t recommend these guys enough. Just try them!

Rackspace: Used by Vladimir Gendelman for Company Folders

Vladimir's Bio: I manage teams devoted to delivering high quality printed folders and essential marketing materials to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small family-based businesses.

    We use GoDaddy for several of our more supplemental websites; they’re highly cost-effective, making them a great choice for sites that don’t get quite as much traffic.

    For our more high-traffic websites, we use Rackspace—it’s by far the best hosting service we’ve ever used. Not only is it highly customizable, it also fits well into our budget.

    Rackspace’s customer support is top-notch; they’ve always been extremely responsive any time we have an issue.

    All in all, I would highly recommend Rackspace for your most important, high-traffic domains. GoDaddy is useful if you don’t require as much customization or traffic isn’t as high of a priority.
  •     Rating for the hosting company ( 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Conclusions and Winner

We didn't know that this hosting provider is that great and people really do love this hosting company even when they are not providing that top notch services but best at servers.

The Winner of This Best Web Hosting Roundup with Real Users is "Digital Ocean" with having 5 Stars by Two real Users
Plus we have deleted some reviews of some web developers which we thought that not accurate to our questions and they have nothing to say.

That is why this roundup becomes more sweet and short.

In near future we will do another roundup and let more people enrolled. Thanks