Interview with Tayyab Saqlain Zakki (a Good Learner)

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Today we want you to read about Tayyab Saqlain Zakki who call himself a good learner and he is doing best for teaching others to be another good learner by his courses.

He is doing great for online workers and thus we approached him to give an exciting interview where he have to disclose some realities so our readers can benefit from his experiences as a learner and teacher too.

As we have recently published an interview here we are again publishing a great new interview with Tayyab Saqlain Zakki from Pakistan.
Interview with Tayyab Saqlain Zakki (a Good Learner)
So the walk through of this interview is:
  1. We should focus on solving the problems rather blog for money
  2. Even if one want to teach, he or she have to learn and be a good learner
  3. Don't follow the trends, instead research and make your online business for long run
  4. Social media marketing is good for getting better ROI and leads
  5. Viral content type of websites and blogs are easy to create but require investments
  6. A newbie should learn and after some time apply his/her ideas
  7. Best SEO technique is to do keyword research and create engaging content after that you can make backlinks
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1. Hi, Tayyab Saqlain Zakki, how are you?

Hi, I am very good with the grace of Almighty ALLAH!

2. Before anything else, tell us what you do online?

Basically I am an online instructor and working in this field since 2013. I have done a lot of stuff online such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Freelancing and I am very well known as a YouTuber because I make videos for my students to help them earn online.

I believe Sharing is Caring and that is why I do share my knowledge with people to help them. I have launched many courses online such as Fiverr Course, YouTube Ranking, Reddit Marketing and Facebook earning Course.

Now after completing four courses, I can say, all of my courses are successful on the Internet as i have received a good response from those who have learnt from my courses and have got fabulous results. But right now, my main focus is on digital marketing. That’s me for now and my upcoming plans are huge. I’d say stay tuned!

3. From where you have started to work for the first time and what was the earning?

My first website was which may sound odd now but as I have worked on it, I remember my experience and the first earning which I received from Adsense was more than $100 USD. Few year back, it was trending to launch such websites in Pakistan and so i did followed the trend as well.

I started to gain traffic for this site from the social media as at that time it was all about earnings, which was truly a MISTAKE. Right now, this site doesn’t receive the monthly organic traffic of more than 50 users. But I moved towards short term rather than long term because I had no other way to go.

4. Do you earn for a living with your online works?

Yes indeed, my source of income right now is just online earning and in fact, I don’t have any other source of earning, which is why I focus on the online work.

5. What type of digital marketing you think is best and you are doing that?

In my point of view, social media marketing builds the best customer relationships. Social media marketing is a great way to get exposure and connect with your customers.

Connecting to your customers directly is a great way to get them to know you, like you and trust you.

6. What are some great networks to reach more audience and customers?

There are many but the main two are Google Adwords and Facebook Adverts. But my favorite one personally is Facebook Adverts from which you can get the targeted audience easily and you can generate the sales in no time.   

7. Is there any platform you prefer to use for digital marketing which is not common?

Reddit! Reddit is a network which has a lower known potential but it can be a great source to generate sales for your e-commerce store or for the affiliate marketing. For Reddit Marketing, i have a course which is available and known to many people and indeed it is quite helpful to learn from it.

8. Tell us about other online methods to earn money (which you have tested)

There are many but I think viral blogging is the easiest method in which a blogger requires to do a little bit or more investment for the advertisements.

In order to go for viral blogging, you first have to find viral content on the internet and then monetize it. Then go for Facebook ads which should be relevant to the viral content you’re focusing at, for example, if you’re targeting the cancer related content then you have to target the audience for cancer awareness. It is quite an amazing method which easily could be implemented.

9. For a newbie what type of online business you suggest?

First of all, a newbie has to focus on just a one learning skill, but unfortunately, it is not happening these days which is why there are lots of failures we’re witnessing on the regular basis.

Whatsoever for a newbie, but after learning a single skill, there is a lot of potential e.g in blogging, marketing or whatever field they choose and jump into it. But it requires a proper way to move on!

10. Is freelancing is a good way or blogging is your choice?

Freelancing is good but it is not the best for everyone. For example, a web developer or a web designer has a great potential in freelancing but for a SEO consultant, freelancing is not a very good option due to the lack of productivity because he invests more time on the projects of his/her clients.

But if he spends more time on his/her own projects, then there is a wide chance of success which is indeed assured because a good margin of earnings could be generated.

11. How you manage to work on different online businesses?

At a time, it is difficult to manage multiple business, therefore I do my best with the autopilot technique to keep one business aside and then focus on another one, so that I don’t have to worry about the first one.

12. What tools you use to market and get better ROI?

Mostly I have used Facebook adverts and it is best for every sort of marketing. No matter if it is about local marketing, e-commerce or drop shipping. Facebook is best for every type of marketing.

13. How one can become a digital marketer and start earning money online?

Digital marketing is a skill which can’t be acquired overnight. So, if someone wants to become a digital marketer, he/she requires learning digital marketing in different parts or simply dividing it.

For example, SEO, SSM and SEM. First of all, he/she needs to learn one thing and then go for another. Acquire master skill in one of them and then move to another. It is that simple!

14. Your predictions for the future of digital marketing?

The future of digital marketing is pretty much known to all of us as we know how fast growing it is going. I can predict that if someone goes for digital marketing in this era, then there is a mass chance of his/her best future success because everything is taken over by digital marketing.

A business couldn’t ran if you aren’t doing digital marketing and that is why it is now a highly required top priority thing to go for.

15. Your personal SEO strategy?

Well, the question looks similar to the about HOW TO MAKE AN ATOM BOMB? LOL! Well, my SEO strategy is quite simple.

First, keyword research as it is the backbone of SEO I believe which is why there is a mass focus on keyword research basically by any SEO expert. After that, it comes to content marketing and content writing without which SEO couldn’t do anything. Content is the huge factor in the eyes of Google and which is why CONTENT IS KING. Content must be pleasing, eye catchy and useful.

After content writing, it comes to content marketing which is the main factor in off-page SEO which is even known as social signals. It is good to do content marketing in a personal profile, page or to the relevant groups. After that, it comes to link building which is also known as the link bulding procedure.

When it comes to do free backlinking, i mostly use the blog commenting method or when a budget is low. I personally recommend not to do any sort spamming or else, Google could penalize your site at any stage and it is BAD if it penalizes you when you’re highly ranked.

16. Is there any old days mistake of yours for online world?

Well, I don’t wanna make it any longer but I made a worst mistake when I worked on short term instead of long term. Both are different methods in the online working portal.

So, whenever you’re looking to go for something, don’t keep it short or else you might lose the benefits of the long term. After my bad experiences, I no more go for short term work as it is just a temporary carry on but could lead to worst circumstances ahead.

17. Any personal advice or tips for readers?

If they’re reading this, they might have been aware of my working process, though it is all about focus and passion. If you’re focused on content writing, it doesn’t mean you need to know the whole SEO as well because content itself has a potential-ability to take you to the top.

Keep it calm, learn content writing first and then go for the most important aspects of SEO such as, backlinking, on-page SEO, SMM and so on. But don’t go for all at once together!

It will lead to loss of focus from everything. If you’d focus on content and do little bit of SEO, I’m sure you could get the possibly best outcome in the end of the day or really soon.😄


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