What Content Marketing Strategies Will Stand Out in 2024

What Content Marketing Strategies Will Stand Out in 2024

Content marketing is one of the best ways for marketers and businesses to reach their customers online. But with online competition hotting up, what new ideas could you come up with to be above your competitors and still reach your audience effectively?

Although competition is fiercer in 2024 compared to the past years, there are still methods you can use that will make your content stand out.

Influencer marketing

The number of influencers popping up in the online world and social media is in a continuous increase. As a professional researchers from some content providing platforms admit it is easier for marketers to use them for their promotional purposes.

Last year, influencer marketing was a very popular practice, and it looks like this year will be the same, as it is the perfect means to promote your content and reach a much larger targeted audience.

Social media is helping more individuals to become influencers in various industries and niches, so it's easier for marketers to connect with the right influencers for their businesses.

To find the right influencers for you, first look in your list followers using tools such as Agorapulse or Buzzsumo.


The video was one of the biggest trends back in 2016, but its importance will not fade away this year or in the following years. On the contrary, it will become bigger.

Last year we saw Facebook Live becoming very popular, and Snapchat took the world by storm. But it's not just the live streaming that will get the audience's attention, but also the recorded videos.

According to MWP Digital Media, an award-winning video production and marketing agency, 7 percent of people watch videos online on a weekly basis, while 55 percent watch videos each day.

They also say that online video currently accounts for half of all mobile traffic and that by 2021 video will account for 79 percent of consumer online traffic. Including a video on your landing page would boost conversion rate by 80% and people are more likely to take action after they watch a video, which includes commenting and sharing. So video marketing will be king in 2024, especially on social media.

This means that more marketers and businesses will create more videos for their social profiles and websites. The best part is that creating videos is not rocket science.

With so much technology at hand, you can create animation, whiteboard videos and any other type of video that several years ago would have been impossible to create or it would have taken you an eternity to make it.

Visual content

It's not just video that is king in content marketing in 2024, but other types of visual content as well. This year try to use as many visuals as you can, such as infographics and images.

It would be ideal to create your own, not just use stock photos. This will help you stand out among the competition and make your audience see you as an influence in your industry. Use as much imagery as you can in your written content too, as it will make it easier to read and more entertaining.

Visual content has a lot of success on social media too, so try to publish more GIFs, images and other kinds of visuals to boost clicks, traffic, and engagement.

Interactive content

Interactive content boosts engagement and entertains people, and you can use this type of content both on social media and your website.

Interactive content is easy to create, and not many marketers use it, so it will help you make a difference among your competitors in 2024.

But do not overdo it. Use it sparingly if you want to get the amount of participation that you would like.

Webinars and online courses

The online course industry has quickly evolved into a booming industry that is worth over $100 billion. With online courses and webinars, you can offer your audience the ultimate value by teaching them something new very quickly and efficiently.

Think of something that you know extremely well and find a way to present it that would interest your audience. You can use it from the multitude of tools that allow you to create your course and host it on your website, email list or social media channels to promote it.

Online courses are a great way to diversify your content this year, and they can even increase your ROI.

Content marketing is continuing its way up in 2024, with more marketers and businesses using it to promote their services and products. Although the content marketing area has become very competitive in 2024, this year it will be a lot more.

Competition is still fierce in 2024, so you will need to be up to date with the latest trends and try new ways to stand out.
Guest contribution by: Tijana Tanasic A blogger and writes about education and do create marketing articles for other sites connect with her on Tumblr.