What to do with the old articles in your blog?

Whether you are a professional, experienced blogger or a newbie in the area of writing articles on the Internet, the question of what should you do with your old articles will always be up-to-date.

This issue is crucial because the old articles are not only those that have been posted a year ago but also the one you posted last week.

This is a total waste of time, hard work and of the information you've shared. The content of your marketing plan must still bring the traffic.

Appreciate the hours spent on this issue as your time is precious!

For example, today your blog became more popular and gained more readers than a year ago.

It means that now you have the possibility to bring old pages back to life and to share them with your expanded auditory.
What to do with the old articles in your blog?
After several experiments with old publications that were made by some of the huge marketing blogs, we have the following interesting results:
  • The organic traffic of your blog will grow to 10% in case if you take away the date of the publication.
  • You can grow the organic traffic for 66% on the average during next month only by updating the date of the post.
  • When you actualize and promote your old posts as the new posts, the monthly rate of organic traffic of your blog may grow to 106%
Do you see the difference?

Knowledge of different useful tips may help you to promote your previous content in the future.

Using social networks

The first simple method that comes to mind is to re-post your old articles to social networks. It is always germane as the social networks are constantly changing and developing.

It is also very suitable to add appealing comment depending on a theme: depending on a theme, you may connect it with some events in your today life or memories.

Make it personal, add some emotional colors to it, be active in comments and the result won’t be slow in coming – you’ll receive more traffic to your website.

Maybe you created your website in times when we didn't use Twitter and Facebook as a powerful tool of promotion. Now you can take an advantage from using them to get new traffic to your pages.

Of course, it is useful only if the information in the article remains actual.

For example, information in old articles about the Internet written two years ago won’t be effective today as the theme is not relevant and very floating.

Update the keywords for search system

When you re-read your old pages’ database – you can always find sentences or even paragraphs that are not informative like they can be now – when you become more experienced, and you make some analytics of your posts you can see its so-called "blind-zones."

Using new technologies at a domain of SEO will make your website easier to be found in search systems as now it is the most efficient way to get good ranking in search results.


One of the best ways to recover your old articles is using an interlinking. Most probably the topics of your blog are related to each other more or less.

Before creating a new post, find a proper word or phrase which is called an anchor to insert a hyperlink to one of your old posts.

It will increase the number of page views and will be beneficial to the global optimization of your website.

Reports and summarizing

Every work has to be reviewed and checked. Blogging is not an exception. You may coincide summarizing to the end of the year or to the date when the blog appeared etc.

The point of this is to integrate well-established material to a complete whole.

What can be included in this report?

For example, the results of the researches or experiments done and maybe some objective in view. And of course, don't waste the opportunity to paste links to several of your old articles.

The high-quality content created by who grow and upgrade their skills can always obtain a significant quantity of organic traffic, no matter if this is a fresh-posted text or an old one.

You can press the button "post" and wait for the better results or return to your text to promote it on a regular basis.

Remember that an old one article doesn't mean useless article!

Guest contribution by: Marla Morgan a 27-year-old professional blog writer living in Seattle. She thinks that the future will be given to bloggers and she does her best to grow her skills in this sphere. You can contact her at her blog PayForEssays