Black Friday - The Biggest Sale Of The Year Is Live Now! #BloggingTips

Well from the title you may think like I am going to share something like affiliate links to many (different) Black Friday Offers and Sales online but - I am not (seems like).

If no affiliate links than why I am here?

Because I want to write something about black Friday and its unbeatable offers which many of the best companies and services provide on yearly basis and they tend to cut off the prices to sell more products and items or services to entire world.
Black Friday - The Biggest Sale Of The Year Is Live Now! #BloggingTips

However, this is the game of some bloggers who are making those companies rich by referring their loyal readers to buy products and services which are specially on low cost to cover the Black Friday fever and gain more higher commissions.

I also use BlueHost for many of my projects and they are offering special discount to my readers "well if you want you can check it here" and I will earn a commission too.

I know that now you are thinking why I have shared my bluehost affiliate link above, but its just for those who will comment after reading this line that they are giving my readers a discount - so I should add it here to save their time.

However everybody blogs for money and I too. 😊

Why I created this blog post?

For this question all I have to say is "I had to Publish this".

Because many pro bloggers were asking me to do a blog post for Black Friday Deals, I am here to publish this blog post just for fun and nothing else.

By the way here is the surprise for all of newbie bloggers to unleash the power of Black Friday Deals to crack them and have more people buy items from their affiliate links so they can earn more big profits.

1. Determine the Audience

First of all, if you want to earn big commissions from Black Friday Offers all over the world, you have to know your audience and their demands.

As far as you can have your audience's mind in your hands you will be able to do wonders with this thanksgiving and cyber Monday.

Yeah, thanksgiving and cyber Monday are the same parts of black Friday but here and there and same companies offer the same deals for these two days and you can grab your commissions from these days too.

It all starts with a niche: Just make sure that what is your niche and what is the main topic of your blog?

After that here is a bullet-points-set for knowing your audience:
  • Note down that they response to your blog posts?
  • By response make sure they are visiting your new articles and commenting there?
  • If they are subscribing to your email newsletters than its a huge plus point, if not than its ok
  • When to publish Black Friday offers and cyber Monday or Thanksgiving day offers?
The best point is when to publish the offers?

So for that sake you can start publishing your articles from a week before the Black Friday.
A week is enough and many times when you publish exclusive offers on that pages which are already in SERPs, they got engagements and there will be a high numbering points for sales.

The plan is: You should publish at least 10 articles for Black Friday Deals on your blog a week before it and when its here you should publish 20 articles with exclusive and limited time offers and put a count down for any of your special deal at homepage.

Just make sure you have a biggest offer available for putting it on count down timer so that you can unleash instant sales desk.

2. Use Amazon

After determining the audience and knowing what to offer, you should know what platform is good to refer people and earn commissions.

Of-course this is all about online shopping and when it comes to online purchasing people tend to purchase through best online marketplaces.

As #1 of them is Amazon, you should rely on Amazon Black Friday Deals and refer your whole traffic to go to Amazon for shopping their favorite items.
  • The best to use Amazon is they give you commissions even for that purchases which are not made from your affiliate link but the user visited Amazon from your link and bought other product "you will earn commission for every sale by that person".
Many professional and event bloggers are making thousands of dollars through Amazon deals and they all recommend it with love.

3. Drive huge Traffic

Probably a toughest job these days.

When you are all set with publishing offers articles and putting their your affiliate links what you have to do is just drive traffic, huge traffic and real human visits.

For getting some sales and big sales too, you have to drive trucks of traffic to your blog and you will be a one night millionaire.

Its not about getting traffic from $5 or $25 gigs and or driving traffic using bots and traffic exchange platforms.

I recommend to use Facebook and Google Adwords for driving traffic on your sales pages and articles where you are recommending people to buy something which is in discount for black Friday.

You can also use Twitter and its hashtags - for getting more sales you should advertise on Instagram too, as there is potential with real leads.

Nowadays people are very active on CPA platforms and they work hard to make you successful, so make sure you are better with those CPA networks and put your pages there to get real leads for your black Friday deals and landing pages.


Everything is clear here, however you can ask your questions.

What I want you to know about black Friday, cyber Monday and Thanksgiving day: You should ask people to purchase through your affiliate links but make sure you are referring good items not those which are not beneficial for the buyer.

For more stay here, I will update this page with more effective Black Friday tips for bloggers. Thanks


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item - Online Earning, Blogging, Content Marketing: Black Friday - The Biggest Sale Of The Year Is Live Now! #BloggingTips
Black Friday - The Biggest Sale Of The Year Is Live Now! #BloggingTips
You Know What? Black Friday! The Biggest Sale Of The Year Is Live Now. Here Are Top and Best Ever #BloggingTips for You To leverage this Sales Day for getting Big commissions.... - Online Earning, Blogging, Content Marketing
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