7 Ways to Use Images for Better Conversions

Today we will talk about one of the most influential trends of Internet marketing – CRO.

Frankly speaking, CRO is a great opportunity to give a second like to the web site and affect the quantity of customers.
  • What Is CRO?
  • Why Should You Take Care of It?
CRO (conversion rate optimization) is the method the ultimate goal of which is to improve website’s performance while using analytics and user feedback.

Long story short, websites are created to encourage visitors complete the goal set by website’s owner, in other words convert visitors into customers. Conversions take place at different stages of web page browsing.

When I say customers, I mean not only the person who buys products or services, that person may create new account, watch videos, read articles, download files, subscribe to upgrades and so on.
7 Ways to Use Images for Better Conversions

The basics of CRO is to find out what things visitors are looking for on the website and then offer them. CRO is used to increase KPI (key performance indicators), or web site parameters that play a decisive role in the business.

Successfully provided CRO allows the raising of the percentage of conversions, thereby increasing the number of customers, without using additional resources – traffic money.

A crucial point you must remember is to focus on new customers as the ultimate goal of the optimization. Besides, the higher conversion rate is, the better ROI you get.

How Images Can Enhance the Web Site Conversion?

Human perceives the greatest part of information about the world with their eyes, the same story with the web sites.

Images help visitors to form the first impression about the web site and have a tremendous impact on visitor’s behavior.

You may be surprised how greatly images can boost conversion rates, so they are a powerful weapon for online promotion.

1. Top Quality Images with Detailed Views

This is a must have for any successful web site. Poor quality of images can be seen as a disrespect to visitors and that's quite logical.

First of all, you are interested in visitor’s attention, as you present and offer some information.

For example, potential customers make decisions whether to buy some product on the web site or not based on what they see.

One image isn’t enough to persuade the customer, add as many as possible photos from different angles with the smallest details.

2. Create a Vigorous Hero Image

This image is probably an essential element on the web site because its semantics is extremely deep and covers many points.

The hero image should be relevant to the brand and the page purposes. It’s reasonable to use photos of small children and their parents if you sale baby’s clothes.

Looking at the hero image visitors should clearly see what your brand shares values, at the same time that reduces the distance between the visitor and the brand.

3. Show the Product in Context

While buying online you can’t physically touch things, and this disadvantage should be compensated by various photos.

Combine the product with different background and show how it looks under different lighting conditions, nobody forbids to play with colors and shadows.

You can also depict the place of the product in everyday life.

4. Add Diagrams and Illustrations

Words aren’t the only way to present information to the visitors. In some cases that’s much more effective to provide information visually, especially after a large amount of text.

Diagrams and illustration can also be cute, colorful and fun; dry infographics doesn’t attract attention, that’s why it’s better to combine it with cool design.

There are no doubts, if the illustration makes people smile, it will be remembered and, maybe, even shared with someone else.

5. Use human photos

Have you ever been interested why companies hire famous models and actors for their promo campaigns?

The answer is connected with the psychology of human thinking; people want to be sure that someone has verified the quality of the product, so they don’t spend money for nothing, and the purchase will make them happy.

Third parties’ opinion gives the assurance that the customer makes the right decision, as a result, the conversion grows.

For that reason, your website should include photos of satisfied customers.

6. Add 360° spin to the image

This step may be harder to implement, but 360-degree images with automatic rotation greatly boost the conversion rate.

Websites that have applied this method report 20-30% increase in sales of products which pages included such images.

The most wide-spread way of creating 360 degree rotating images is to take a series of product pictures on a computer controlled turntable.

7. Product images integrated into site search window

You shouldn’t be skeptical or underestimate this method. An automated drop-down menu that combines textual results with product images is very convenient both for consumers and entrepreneurs, as it lifts the conversion rate.

This benefit attracts a lot of buyers, that’s why you should think of it.

Final Word

In good and experienced hands CRO may bring remarkable results. It allows marketers to understand what parts of the website attract visitors’ attention and what points should be improved.

Increasing the number of customers requires information gathering, its detailed analysis, development of possible changes on the website and their compulsory testing.

In this article, I’ve described 5 ways to improve web site’s conversion by means of images.

Before you use them, it’s necessary to make sure they match web page's purpose and goal.
Guest contribution by: Parker Slovinsky is a Scrum Master by profession and an enthusiastic freelance writer by night. He adores researching cutting-edge trends, writing about Apple newest devices or updates, where he gives many useful and helpful tips for inexperienced users. You can read his articles on MacWiki.net.