Top Secrets: How to Identify your Profitable Customers to Increase Revenues

If you want to get profitable customers you have to face many tasks and questions.

How to increase your profit?

Are there proven and reliable ways, or maybe there is no generally accepted method?

How much your revenue can be increased, and very important issue - what are the deadlines?

Keep in mind one thing: do not wait, learn, try, develop and win!

Don't underestimate the importance of individual customer analysis as good research on customers brings its results.
Top Secrets: How to Identify your Profitable Customers to Increase Revenues
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Probably, one of the most important aspects of increasing the revenues is the analysis of the target audience.

When you answer the question "Who are my customers?", you will have a clear description of a certain group of people, and on this basis, you can continue to operate and develop an individual marketing strategy.
Start with identifying general information about your customers:
  • name, gender, age, work, business location;
  • main interests- this information is vital as it can help you know their attitude toward your company;
  • occupation;
  • revenues
Depending on what products you sell or which services you offer, this list may vary, because some criteria might become less important, and some may be the other way around.

All this information will help you choose the right direction in developing an advertising company.

Thorough analysis of customers needs is the key to increase your profits

Do the full customer reviews. By analyzing quantitative user interaction data, you can mistakenly assume that you know everything you need to know about the desires and needs of your customers.

Let's us suppose that you know the level of their contentment, you know what features and capabilities they like, their user experience, as well as what you need to change or improve.

Nevertheless, there are opportunities for a better understanding of your customer experience. Qualitative data, which can only be obtained through direct customer dialogue, can greatly help in improving your relations with profitable customers.

This kind of survey will help you get the better understanding of customers' expectations and their impressions. The most convenient time for the survey is after the first customer's purchase in order to get the most sincere and fresh feedback.

In the survey you may ask about delivery process, purchase itself, content and etc. It would be great if you ask those customers who made the return of a product.

That might help you understand the reasons and find out the mistakes that should be fixed.

Create the connection with every customer

When you start advertising online, with data about your target audience, you can select the most relevant keywords. The use of keywords and phrases is the main point since search engines are the main sources of traffic.

You can also learn about the interests and preferences of your target audience through additional services. For example, you can use social networks, forums or Q & A projects.

After studying topics on the forums and reviewing the most popular questions, you will have the opportunity to highlight the most important issues and arrive at the conclusions about the promotion of your business.
  • For example, you can highlight some kind of problem for the target audience and try to solve it.
The main emphasis in attracting customers must be done on the target audience since it's easier to sell your products to someone who is interested in your services.

Explore your target audience and offer people what they really need.

Adapt your business strategy according to individual customer analysis

Since you've researched general information about every customer, create your own business strategy dip down into your records.

Find out the following points from the records, what customers:
  •     did not cancel orders;
  •     paid without delays and always in time;
  •     bought high-margin services and products;
  •     paid full price without trying to get discount;
  •     did not ask for after-sales services;
  •     made largest orders
The customers who meet most of these requirements should become your business priorities. You can get more money cooperating with these people as both of you get the expected results.

However, it would be a mistake to forget about the customers who brought you fewer revenues.

They still are your customers and you never know maybe they will want to contact you again for more expensive service or product.

Determine your priorities, divide your powers and work with clients the best way you can.

Your business is in your hands

From all the information given above, we can conclude that in order to increase the level of sales, it is necessary to follow a system which consists of several stages.
  •     Internal work.
  •     Exterior work.
  •     Work with staff and buyer.
  •     Successful advertising.
Pay attention to marketing.

Yes, advertising is still the engine of trade, nothing has changed. And the increase of your revenues directly depends on good advertising strategy.

Conduct more sales.

Most buyers love them. They can be not very big, but still, the sign SALES is like a cheese for a mouse.

Do not forget that a good businessman doesn't wait for the good results!

They constantly control the work of their business and the level of sales.

And if you use these tips, you will increase your profit from five to fifty percent.
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