How To Write A Blog Post About An Event

In a recent blog post about event blogging I have discussed very basic and important factors of event based niche blogging and now I want newbies to know more about how they can easily write about an event.

Simply the topic is how to write a blog post about an event so it will bring more traffic and earnings on the day of that event.

As you know that before the event's day we have to work on the selected topic and niche of the event without getting any visit but we can assume the out come on the day the event is live.

Just like black Friday and other events we first have to choose a niche and than start the research on it. However after selecting the niche and researching on it we have to create the out standing and rank-able content.

Now the question is how we can define that what type of content is rank-able in Google search engine and also other big search engines which are driving good traffic like Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.
How To Write A Blog Post About An Event

To know more about the answer to this question I am going to tell you very basic and most advanced tips which will lead you to easily write down a blog post about events.

1. Write the Introduction

In the very first blog post (or in first paragraphs) for every event we should try our best to describe it to public and say what the event about.

For example:
  • Try to convey the tradition of the event and talk about its today's seen and history
  • Tell why people loves the event and what they do frequently on the selected event
  • Where the event has started to be celebrated in entire nation or city or worldwide
  • Why people celebrate it
And there are so many other lines you can use to introduce your selected event for event based niche blogging.

The simple thing is you have to tell people why the event is famous and why people should know about it and why you are blogging about it.

2. Post some Images

People loves to see what the event about and what people do worldwide or nationwide on the selected event.

The best way to tell them everything about the event and also make them visit more pages on your blog and stay longer you can upload the images about that event.

The real pain is found when we have to search the relative images and here's how we can do it:
  1. Go to
  2. Type event's name and you will get many images

    If you don't want to use these images follow below guide:
  3. Visit and (free stock images search engines)
  4. Type event's name or title and you will get high quality images
You are free to post that images on your blog posts and tell people that they can download the images for free and for personal use only.

3. Make the Title Eye-catchy

Yes, this is the way how people will visit your blog as you may know that most of the time even if your blog post is in the first page of Google search for a good keyword you will get a very low click through rate (CTR).

It means even after getting ranked a blog post you will receive low traffic. Like when we have got a CTR of 5% we will get 5 people to visit our blog post when there are 100 searching for the same keyword.

So that we should make blog post titles eye catchy and let the searchers visit our blog post on a high CTR like written below:
  • Use favorite words for events like "download images, date, today, amazing and free"
  • An example of favorite words for events searches "Download Free Images for Eid Day"
  • There is another example "when will the valentines day in this year and exact date"
  • You can also give some freebies with title like "win iPhone 10 on this valentines day - free entry available" 
  • and more
There are many other titles we can use and re-edit to get more awesome and eye catchy headlines on which more people will click in SERPS and redirected to our blog posts.

4. Find what Others have to Say

The three main topics should be covered about every event you want to do a blog post about our even create brand new blog and after that you have to search what others are saying about the event.

Its a simple to do task like:
  1. Go to Google and search for the event name
  2. Now read the first 3/5 articles and see what they are sharing with readers
  3. After reading that articles navigate to their best performing articles and see what's their
  4. Now make some notes for details like images, videos, details, dates and information about that event
Come back to your blog's dashboard and start writing about what others are saying and cover their words in your thoughts to convey your message about your selected event.

Its all about to search what top publishers are sharing, because they are good that's why they are on top and we should copy their ideas (not content just the idea).


However, there are many other ways to write blog posts about events and when its about how to quickly write down a blog post about any event you can follow above guide.

If you need more information we can provide by replying to your comment write below. Thanks