How to Treat Your Blog Like A Business and Turn it Into Money Making Machine?

If you are searching for the answer to your question that how one can treat a blog like a business and turn a simple blog into a money making machine over days or some months than here is what you are looking for.

As I have tested so many different types of earning money online and come to the point that the blogging is the far far best way to earn money rather than wasting your precious time on creating content for others.

Any blog can earn money even if its not about the money niche, yeah of-course food blogs can earn money and health niche is what make you rich.

How to Treat Your Blog Like A Business and Turn it Into Money Making Machine?

I have given so many hints here and now going to the main topic for letting you know how you can treat your blog like a real online business and turn it to a machine of making money online.

1. Time

Many bloggers don't give their time to blogging thinking their blogs can't earn enough money to put food on the table for them as they are not able to earn that much they tend to avoid doing blogging.

However, still the blogging is the only thing which can make you rich when you are not a celebrity and totally a starter at online world.

You can earn via blogging by giving proper time to your blogs, you can do these things:
  • Research for topics and spy on competitors
  • Publish more content and engage more people
  • Reply to comments and find new ways of earning from your blog
Yes, giving more time to your blog can lead you to have more from your blog like above things and also you will surely find new ways of earning money.

The simple yet powerful way of knowing how to earn more from your blog is spy on your competitors and find what they are doing to earn money on their blogs.

2. Plans

Creating plans for the weeks and daily basis can easily make yourself a professional blogger and online worker as planning can put your working on schedules and this is what your readers will found good in your blog.

There are so many companies which are publishing blog posts on almost every topic on daily basis and we have to be different from them, and plans can do it rightly.

You can also plan like:
  • When to publish new blog posts
  • When to research for new topics
  • How much time should I give to SEO of the blog
and so on.

There is much more you can add to your plans and the best thing is we can do it on our own and there is nothing like paid tools for this, we can do it even on simple notepad app/software.

3. Audit

Not just plans and giving more time can lead you to earn highest amounts per month and keep on raising them up, there is more to do for hitting that point.

Auditing your hard work will give you more insides about what is happening around your blog and what you need to do next for pumping the blog with more readers and more coverage.

Auditing your blog is not that hard, all you have to do:
  • Install Google Analytics and keep an eye on the daily reports
  • Use Google Webmaster Console to know more about your SEO works
Just these two tools can give you every detail about your blog and these are 85% accurate (my own experiment says these tools are 85% accurate) so that they can tell you more about what thing is you need to work more on.

The secret is do use the keywords in your blog posts from which you are receiving traffic as per as the reports of Google Webmaster Console.

4. Out Source

Now its time to out source your hard work like creating images or downloading them and publishing content or even writing the content.

There are many online services for these tasks and you can hire someone on daily to weekly basis and even contract long term work.

I recommend you to out source the blogging work when you are ready to earn at-least $100 per month with your blog as you have to pay freelancers for working on your blog.

But, when you will start out sourcing the work you can easily make your blog automatic and spend a fixed amount on monthly basis while you will earn more and more.

5. Repeat

Nothing else, just repeat the process which I have discussed in step 4 and if you are not successful enough than start repeating the steps from 1 to 3 and I am damn sure that you will achieve the 4th point.

I have contacted to many blog owners and sellers who are creating this type of blogs and than selling in low rates and they are happy to do it.

However, I don't recommend you to buy blogs when you are newbie.

Just start and than learn how you can do it, for any other information I am here to answer your questions - just comment below.