Personal Finance: A Plan To Save More Money & Pay Credit Card Debt Easily

Giving up on understanding personal finance and money management is what we should give our most free time to and decide on what plan should we go for to live life with less stress and take advantage of what we have.

Saving money is not enough as we have to plan for personal finance and manage it accurately.

There are so many blogs and free pdf books are available to read about personal finance and tips on money management, however, they all make you tired of thinking about how really you can save the money and get personal finance to work for you. - That's why I am here to talk about how you can easily make a plan about personal finance and saving your money to enjoy your life with less spending.

As there are so many people who are now getting a headache just after thinking about their credit card debt and they are wondering how they will return their credit card debt on time and not just that as mortgage loans and personal loans are now becoming easier to get many people hardly save $100 per week to get rid of loan problems on a mortgage loan or personal loans.

I have been in this (personal finance and car loans) for this year and found that following a simple plan we can easily pay the installments and debt too.
Personal Finance: A Plan To Save More Money & Pay Credit Card Debt Easily

The formula to saving more money for debts and loan installments is simple as this: Try to earn more money by working more and if you have a job than get one more or do extra hours work at the same job, make your spending to be less and less as it can be to be in the budget and spend on just most needy things that's how you can get more money to save for betterment of your finance issues.

So that you can have a financial plan in your mind which you can easily follow and pay credit card debts or loan installments.

For all of the things like saving money, trying to retire earlier, pay off your credit card debts and pay your installments on time with a plan you need to read more about it, and right below I am going to tell you more about all of this, so read the full article:

1. Make Notes

Noting down everyday spends and also earnings on daily basis will lead you to know the basic things which can help you reduce the spending and save more money to pay back to your loans and have a debt free life.

There is something called "Take inventory" yes, taking notes on paper or on your computer or even using any mobile app you can note where you are spending most of your money and from where you are getting money. Please note these things:
  • Your spending amount on a daily basis
  • Your earnings (if you are a small business owner)
  • Not much needed spending and how much you are saving on a daily basis
By noting these things you will get to know that where you are badly wasting your money and where it should be used or how you can save more money by spending less on not needed things in routine life. So that you can easily make changes and start saving more money.

2. Set Some Goals

If you want to become debt free and feel awesome to enjoy more picnics with your family or have dates with your lover then don't worry, I am with you but 1st step is not enough and you need to set some goals for this.

As now you are aware of how much and where you are spending money and where you should spend and where you shouldn't, its time to set some goals to save money and have it pay your debts.

You can set small and big goals like daily saving 10 dollars or saving 500 dollars on monthly basis. If you are new to setting goals about money than set goals like:
  • Daily $5 save in a box
  • I will not drink anything and save that buck on daily basis
  • I will not go to picnic till I save $100 a week
Likewise, you can set some (2/3) goals per week and dare to stick to them. When you can achieve those goals it's time to think for big ones and have a healthy personal finance plan with the happiness of living a debt free life and below step is how you can complete your goals.

3. Create a Plan

One thing you have to think about is what is your earnings over a month? for example, if you need to pay a car down payment of $3000 and need to pay it within two years or even one then what you should do when you can save $100 per month?

It means you need to work more for saving at-least 300 dollars a month and hitting the final amount only in 10 months of saving just $300 a month?

The easiest thing to do for saving that much is just join any small business or company near your hometown or office and start working there for 10 or 15 dollars per hour (you will find this type of job online too) and this will alone save you $300 a month.

However, doing side gigs sometimes have more for you so just try that part time job or create any other extra source of income to achieve your small goals to convert them into big ones.

4. Be Real

Don't just dream about the above steps and start working on it even if you don't want to pay car down payment and don't have to hustle for getting extra money.

We don't know about the future and thus we all should save some money for accidental happenings that can cause big troubles and lead us to get some personal loans when we are not able to even pay credit card debts. So saving $5 or $10 a day will not ruin your entertainment or picnics but you will get a debt free life of your choice.

So be real and start working on the steps I have discussed above and act like an intelligent human who can do anything when he can imagine it, that's how big companies and most of the successful business owners have done it and if you need some financial assistance, you can contact Bugis Credit.

5. Monitor, Adapt and Stick to it

The financial life of any person on the earth can't be predicted as things happen on time and off to the times we expect.

You can take examples like what if you are out of the town and your car was parked but someone has crushed it? or what if you are sick and can't go to the office and your boss is angry with you and sent a "You Are Fired" message on your mobile? really that's life.

We can't predict anything and that's why we need to save some money to spend when we really need it, so try my tips and start saving money even if when you don't have to pay debts or installments and you don't get a mortgage loan or a car.

By saving some money you can instantly get more ways to earn money whenever you have nothing to do in your life and you will get some free investment from your saved money.

Surely I am not a financial adviser and nor I do this, but when I saw that people really search for this information and I was also looking for the same when going to pay the down payment of my vehicle and thought why not share my personal advice and experience with you all?

That's my experience and plans and advice for those who want to get some loans or even save money for upcoming tragedies - for more please comment below!