Airplane Quotes - Inspirational Airplane Sayings

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Airplane Quotes - Inspirational Airplane Sayings

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. Henry Ford
To invent an airplane is nothing. To build one is something. But to fly is everything. Otto Lilienthal
To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you're truly wireless. Ted Turner
If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes. Charles Lindbergh
The airplane stays up because it doesn't have the time to fall. Orville Wright
Go up in an airplane. Go high enough, and it's like we don't even exist. Muhammad Ali
Airplanes may kill you, but they ain't likely to hurt you. Satchel Paige
If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing. If you use the airplane the next day, it's an outstanding landing. Chuck Yeager
Airplane travel is nature's way of making you look like your passport photo. Al Gore
Starting a company is like throwing yourself off the cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down. Reid Hoffman
I'm a crazy car guy. I've got an airplane hangar full of cars. Paul Walker
Hobbies take place in the cellar and smell of airplane glue. John Updike
I realized that If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes. Charles Lindbergh
Oldtimers, weekends, and airplane landings are alike. If you can walk away from them, they're successful. Casey Stengel
My grandfather was an engineer who invented the automatic pilot for airplanes. Temple Grandin
I wanted to travel from the beginning. As a kid, I used to dream about airplanes, before I ever flew in one. Mary Ellen Mark
My movies were the kind they show in prisons and airplanes, because nobody can leave. Burt Reynolds
Boys like either dinosaurs or airplanes. I was very much an airplane boy. Jim Lovell
Airplanes are interesting toys, but of no military value. Ferdinand Foch
There are aphorisms that, like airplanes, stay up only while they are in motion. Vladimir Nabokov
The century of airplanes has a right to its own music. Claude Debussy
I mostly read on airplanes and right before sleep. Michael Connelly
Any design, whether it's for a ship or an airplane, must be done in anticipation of potential failures. Henry Petroski
You don't jump out of an airplane and stop halfway. It's all the way. Jesse White
I did a little bit of flying in high school, but I've just always been inspired and excited about airplanes. Gregory H. Johnson
I never get sick on airplanes, which is incredible. You're basically in a flying petri dish. Danny Meyer
We need to stop making wide-body seats on airplanes, stop accommodating that, because it's not healthy. Kevin Plank
Flying small airplanes is not like being on airlines. Doug Liman
We have to remember that Arafat was the one that started with hijacking airplanes already in 1968. Ariel Sharon
I believe that there will be women astronauts sometime just as there are women airplane pilots. Nancy Roman
The commercial airplane business is an incredible growth business. Dennis Muilenburg
When the weight of the paper equals the weight of the airplane, only then you can go flying. Donald Wills Douglas
The only two places where I can read for long stretches are in airplanes and in bed at nighttime. Khaled Hosseini
When that second airplane hit the building, we all changed. We need to get back to some serious thinking. Steven Tyler
If we did not have such a thing as an airplane today, we would probably create something the size of N.A.S.A. to make one. Ross Perot
I love getting oxygen facials because I travel a lot. My skin gets pretty dry with all the airplanes. Lily Collins
I love the Zucker brothers' films - 'Airplane!,' 'Top Secret' and 'Police Squad!' - are my formative experiences. Edgar Wright
What would air travel look like if airplanes were thrown out after each flight? No one would be flying in airplanes. Gwynne Shotwell
Bigger airplanes, with two aisles instead of one, provide a better experience overall, and I think it's more comfortable. Chesley Sullenberger
I used to fly airplanes myself, so being above the ground doesn't worry me too much. John Rhys-Davies
Those 'Airplane!' type of movies, they've never been my cup of tea. Sherilyn Fenn
Computers, like automobiles and airplanes, do only what people tell them to do. Bill James
No reporter is flying around in borrowed twin-engine airplanes. Dee Dee Myers
I love 'Airplane,' and I love 'Naked Gun' and all those films, where you're parodying. Julian Barratt
I don't know if I could rebuild an airplane engine, but I know a little bit about rotors and rivets. Dane Cook
I've discovered writers by reading books left in airplane seats and weird hotels. Lee Child
The people who went on that airplane were unexceptional. Paul Greengrass
We're constantly buying airplane tickets; we travel on the Concorde. Eva Herzigova
We have two tables on our airplane that are set up with the games. Steve Yzerman
I jumped out of an airplane on my 34th birthday because I promised myself I would. I have an interest in confronting my fears. Michael Trucco
And I don't want to jump out of an airplane - I've done that. John Slattery
Please get on an airplane or a horse, because it's pretty spectacular. Kelly Ripa
I don't eat anything on an airplane. Masaharu Morimoto
It's hard to tell whether the ship or airplane - they're all the same, I'm convinced - is male or female; it may shift back and forth. John C. Hawkes
There are not many things I find more disgusting than recycled airplane air. Brittany Bowe
I always liked airplanes, and I decided I was going to go to school to study them. Brian Binnie
Really, anyone can learn how to fly. If you can drive a bus, you can fly an airplane. Cory Lidle
The only times I'm consistent about praying are when I'm on an airplane or when an ambulance goes by. China Chow
How can you practice dancing in an airplane? There's a law against it. George Murphy
The one thing that I'm most proud of, during the Second World War, I worked on airplanes in a defense plant. Ruth Duccini
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