Benado Pro Blogger Template - Free, Responsive and Professional Blogger Template

Benado Pro Template is a Search Engine Optimized, Free, Professional styled and responsive theme for your blogger blog. After some hard work I have coded it so I hope you may like it. Benado Pro Template will give your blog's a good rank in search engines and a professional look for visitors.

After installing this template on your blogger powered blogs your blogs traffic will boost in some days! Because Benado Pro Template is a fully search engine optimized theme.

I have added some awesome features in this professional blogger template like Header Search Engine, Header Ads Space, Social Profiles(Icons), Custom styles and much more read below for more information and download/demo links.

Features of Benado Pro Blogger Template

  1. Custom and stylish Popular Posts widget (Already Installed)
  2. Custom and Beautiful Labels widget (Already Installed
  3. Header search engine (Fastest)
  4. Threaded Commenting System (Reply button included)
  5. Header Ads Space for adsense and other ads
  6. Social Profiles list in sidebar (Major Social Media Icons - You have to customize it)
  7. 3 Columns Footer menu with credits bar
  8. White and Black interface (Users Friendly Colors)
  9. Search Engine Optimized (Full SEO Friendly)
  10. Simple styled Sharing buttons below all posts (No need to customize)
  11. An awesome and unique styled Drop Down navigation bar (Customizable)

Download Benado Pro Blogger Template - See a Live Demo

So friends I am very happy to release my 2nd BTemplate! See below a Live demo and download this template free :).

 Customization : Change Benado According to Your Needs

  1. After installing Benado on your blog now navigate to Template > Edit HTML
  2. Click any side in coding area and press Ctrl+F a search engine will appear
  3. Now search for <meta content='Umer Prince' name='Author'/> Replace Umer Prince with your name.
  4. Now search for <meta content='Pakistan' name='country'/> Replace Pakistan with your country's name
  5. Now search <link href='YOUR-FAVICON-URL' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/'/> and Replace YOUR-FAVICON-URL with your blog's Icon image link
  6. Now again search for <div class='social-profiles-widget'> now find and change Social Profiles links with your own profiles
  7. Change links in drop down menus : Search for <li><a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>Home</a></li> and see below, you will see some codes with # tag just replace # tag with your blog page and post links.

Final Words

So friends I hope you like Benado Pro Blogger Template. If you want more customization are want more help then leave comments I will do my best for you.