60+ Unique Blog Names for Health, Yoga, Workout & Fitness Niches

Health niche or Fitness niche blogs do more for those bloggers who want to earn a living from blogging and when it comes to choosing or finding a cool blog name for it is what the main game begins from.

There are many catchy ideas that are already taken and we have to find a better one to start a blog or get inspiration from the best blog name ideas and then brainstorm our own great blog name. So for that, I have this list of 63 health niche blog names for you to make it possible for you to get a creative blog name idea.

60+ Unique Blog Names for Health Niche for Yoga, Workout and Fitness

As naming a blog with different name is the key to success, that's why we should have an awesome name for our blog and here's list of clever blog names with URL of real blogs to help you come up with ideal names for your new or old blog on healthy living, fitness, yoga or workout niche:

60+ Unique Blog Names for Health, Yoga, Workout & Fitness Niches:

These ideas will help you to easily find a fitness blog name, yoga blog name, or any other health niche blog name in a few minutes (update list of blog names).

  1. Working For Health
  2. Social Workouts Hub
  3. Beach Babe Fitness
  4. Mile D Posts
  5. Pilates for the People
  6. Fitzala Blog
  7. The Fit Habit
  8. Fitness & Feta
  9. The Fit Fork
  10. Lift Pray Love
  11. Purely Twins
  12. Femme Fitale Fit Club
  13. Naturally Ella
  14. Staying On Pace
  15. Life Fitness
  16. Powercakes Fitness
  17. Fit & Awesome
  18. Fit Mama WannaBe
  19. Training for Warriors
  20. Skinny Minnie Moves
  21. The Great Fitness Experiment
  22. Truth2BeingFit
  23. Fitnessista Blog
  24. Body Love Wellness
  25. Live Run Love Yoga
  26. Will Run For Margaritas
  27. Weight Ladder
  28. Brooke: Not On A Diet
  29. Meals & Moves
  30. Fitful Focus Blog
  31. Food Heaven Made Easy
  32. End of Three Fitness
  33. Nerd Fitness
  34. Authentically Emmie
  35. Bliss Tree Blog
  36. The Blonde Vegan
  37. Yoga In Heels
  38. Living The Before
  39. Blogilates Fitness
  40. Slow Is The New Fast 
  41. Running Rachel
  42. Summer Tomato
  43. Flexitarian Runaholic Diaries
  44. Jessie Loves To Run
  45. Mark’s Daily Apple
  46. The Truth About Exercise
  47. Sporty Afros 
  48. Back at Square Zero
  49. The Sweet Life
  50. Run Pretty
  51. Zen Habits
  52. Fit-Bottomed Girls
  53. Fit and Feminist
  54. Diary Of A Semi-Health Nut 
  55. Love For Running
  56. Yoga Dork Girls
  57. Heavy Girl To Healthy Girl
  58. Mind Body Green
  59. Sprouted Kitchen
  60. Treble In The Kitchen
  61. MahaMondo Health
  62. Fitness Black Book
  63. Build Your Dream Body
  64. Running Toward The Prize
  65. Green Health Tips

So that was the greatest list of some really cool health niche blog names that are available to register in any top level domain name extension, if you are still thinking about your blog name idea and don't know what you should choose for your healthy living blog name than I am here for you.

Just make sure that you are going to create a memorable brand name and not just a blog name. Naming your blog will give you the idea of what you should write about and also how much broad it will go.

Still, don't know? then comment below and I will clear your doubts about naming your blog by giving you more options and suggestions in the comment form only.

60+ Unique Blog Names for Health, Yoga, Workout & Fitness Niches