3 Reasons Why SendPulse Is The Best Marketing Platform

3 Reasons Why SendPulse Is The Best Marketing Platform
Automated marketing platforms have become one of the best ways to promote a product or service. To communicate with customers effectively in a fast and convenient way, business owners should use all available channels of communication.

SendPulse is a multifunctional marketing platform that empowers companies to keep in touch with customers through emails, SMS, and web push notification at reasonable prices.

So why you should choose SendPulse?

1. Convenient and user-friendly drag and drop editor

SendPulse has a convenient drag and drop editor for creating emails. Using this tool, you may add the required blocks or elements by simply dragging and dropping them. You can change their color, shape, size, and so on to make your style unique and perfect for your company. At each step of creating a template, you can preview how it will look like on a smartphone or in a browser.

This easy-to-use editor contains eight groups of elements:


Its options allow you to edit your text. For example, you can change its font, size, color, and background color set the margins, or choose between various styles. Any text block can be moved to the desired location.


You can upload any image from your disc or drag and drop it into the template. After that, you may change its parameters. For example, you can choose its size, position, background color, or add borders.


This element contains the button itself and the text. You can choose any style, color, size, or height that you want to make your button bright and attention-getting.


You can just put a link to the video to make its screenshot appear in the template. Here you can also change its background color, placement, height, and inner padding. The subscriber will be able to watch the video by clicking on the screenshot.

Social networks

It allows you to add the icons of your social networks to offer your customers more ways to contact you. As always, it is possible to change their style or size as well as add and delete links and buttons.


This block consists of two parts: preheader itself (the text located below the subject of your email) and the web version of the email.


Use this block to add useful information for your subscribers at the end of your email. You can change the text style and size of the footer and set the background color.


To let your customers quickly unsubscribe from your emails, you can add this element to your template. Here you can choose any color, font, position, and line height.

2. Simple and functional subscription forms

Subscription form is a functional block you can add to your website to collect email addresses of your prospects. This block can also contain additional fields to capture the required information about your subscribers (name, gender, phone number, etc.).

You can create your own subscription forms in SendPulse or use pre-designed templates.

There are four types of subscription forms:


You can place this type of form at any place on the page of your website.

Pop-up window

This form appears on the website after your customer has spent some time on it. It is also possible to make the form appear when he or she is going to leave the page.


Your website visitors will always notice this form as it will grab their attention the moment they open a page.


This form will be attached to the bottom of the web page. When a user scrolls the page down, it will remain on its position.

Using subscription form feature in SendPulse, you will be able to manage all the settings from one place. This means that you can create and edit a confirmation email sent to your new subscribers, notifications shown after filling the form and confirmation page users are redirected to.

3. Efficient and comfy Automation 360

SendPulse offers a tool for email automation to facilitate the process of communication with customers. Automation 360 combines three channels of communication (emails, SMS, and web push notifications) so that a user may create an email automation flow based on the customers’ actions.

What are the advantages of such flows? Let’s see.
  •     It saves your time and resources - once set, an automation flow works without any additional efforts.
  •     It allows you to send the right messages at the right time - once a predefined condition is triggered, the message is sent out, making it relevant, helpful, and even personalized.
There are seven blocks that you can use:


Choose the people from your list, the time when you want to send your emails, and the subject of the messages. You can use the ready-made templates or create your own ones.

Web push notifications

Add web push notifications in your automation flow to be sure that the customer will get the information even if he or she hasn’t read the email.


You can choose any sender’s name for your SMS and set the time when they should be sent. To make this feature work, you should have phone numbers of your subscribers on the mailing list.


Use this block to send messages according to the chosen conditions (gender, location, age, etc.) This option allows you to offer information that will always be relevant to your customers.


This option determines the necessary event in the automation flow based on a subscriber’s action. All actions become filters for the next steps in a series.


The block “Action” helps you to copy or delete your subscribers. You can also move them to other mailing lists if necessary and change the variable for each contact.


“Goal” helps you to monitor the conversions. Once the goal is reached, you can stop the flow.

To sum up, SendPulse offers a variety of tools that will ease the process of communication with your customers, allowing you not to pay attention to every tiny detail. You can focus on what matters, leaving the platform all the routine work.

Besides, simple interface and friendly support staff make the process yet more comfortable. Once you try SendPulse, you will never want to turn to something else.