9 Unprecedented Ways To Create A Money Making Facebook Page

Network Marketing for Facebook with its page option and to make money from Facebook is what everybody is looking to know about and all the users at Facebook are curious about how they can start making money on Facebook by creating a money making page or doing other things. What I suggest is if you want to make money using Facebook then creating a page is the very first thing and base of your work. So just create one and before creating that page, make sure you can do things which are listed below. As if you can follow below steps you will be able to get your page ready to start making money and if you don't follow these steps then I can guarantee you that your Facebook page will not going to work for you as an online income stream.
9 Unprecedented Ways To Create A Money Making Facebook Page

I know that marketing on Facebook is easy for beginners when they are in clues that only joining large groups and spamming them with affiliated product pages is all the Facebook marketing myth. But if you are serious about making dollars on Facebook then you have to be serious at work which needs to be done in this regard. As nobody wants to get his network spammed and Mark Zuckerberg is best at security of Facebook and users experience. That's why you need to create an out standing Facebook fan page of anything from babies to wallpapers and cities to public figures. All you have to do is just make sure you are not crossing the limits and posting relative content. With this you have to follow below ways for creating a money making Facebook page so read now:

1. Know Facebook

First of all, you have to know what Facebook really is and how it can help you boost your business or make you some money with a free Facebook page. All you have to keep in mind is:
  • Facebook is the best and #1 social media network in the world
  • You can create any type of fan page for free and start posting to get more likes and audience
  • They control everything for every user so you have to limit yourself according to their terms
  • Just for fun and news type of pages gain more exposure and let you make more money
You have to do offline efforts too for really making money from your Facebook page and that efforts can be like small meetings, parties and seminars with the fans of your page. This will increase the loyalty and chances are you can get a verified Facebook page.

2. Topic of Facebook Page

After knowing what is Facebook, its time to choose the topic of your page and if you are totally beginner for creating Facebook pages then you should keep in mind that there are so many terms and conditions and you have to limit your thoughts to them. For an example if you are looking to create a page about a celebrity and he/she is not allowing you to do so then your page will be deleted upon request from that celebrity or fans.

What you can select as a page topic is the Just for Fun category and create your own content on different events, moments and daily news. This type of content can be easily created and curating this type of content is also easy plus Facebook will not delete your page as far as you are complying with their Just for Fun page' policies.

3. Basics of Facebook Page

When you are creating a money making Facebook page, there are some basics which you should complete and let your fans and followers know what type of business you are going to run on that page in a hidden way and let them know what type of content you will share with them. There are some basic steps you've to take and make your audience feel authentic for your page:
  • Profile Image: It should be a professional and high quality representing your page
  • Cover Photo: Here you should give information about your page and what you do
  • About Section: Give brief information about what, why and how you do things for your page
  • Contact Button: You can create contact button on your page so do create it
These are very basic steps which you should take to complete your page for a very basic view and let your first fans and followers like your page. This will give them a chance to know about your page and think about your content.

4. Posting on Facebook Page

Now after completing some basic tasks for creating a money making Facebook page, its time to post on your page and gain some likes. So what you should post for the very first Facebook page updates? This is a wonderful question and I would like to answer it like this:
  • Say hello in your first Facebook page post with an image
  • After 6 to 8 hours post again with and image and share a quote
  • Stop posting for 2 days and then put some posts on schedule for a week
You can keep on updating the page with new content by scheduling it weekly and then engaging with the audience. For the question that what type of content should be posted for gaining more likes and followers at a Facebook page I recommend you to know your topic and post images or if you can create then videos. People love to watch videos on Facebook pages.

5. Messenger

Of-course we are creating a money making Facebook page to make money online using Facebook and the messenger can't be ignored here. As this will be your only perfect way to contact your fans and make them contact you easily. Its free and already attached with your Facebook page. You can install Facebook pages app in your smartphone or simply use inbox tab from your Facebook page. Facebook team is always upgrading Facebook messenger for pages and they always tend to help page owners by introducing new features.

Some professionals says that Facebook messenger is better than emails as it is easy to use and it stores every conversation from start to end so that we can read and know our recent commitments and talks with our fans and clients. Not just this, you can use machine learning inside messenger and automate the conversations for common questions. There are also many quick reply lines which you can use to reply your clients and fans professionally. Facebook team keeps it updated and working on it to give you all the latest features for free, so stick with it.

6. Chatting

In today's world the word chatting is a common thing and everybody do it with every prospect. If you are going to make money from Facebook page without investment and want more clients then you should start chatting with your fans and make them your friends. You can ask them some questions like:
  • Hey! How are you?
  • Whatsup? Hows your business?
  • Did you know that we are accepting business calls?
  • Will you be happy to know about our product?
One thing here, for earning money on Facebook you have to create a product and there are some other ways too. You can read our recent article for knowing how to make money on Facebook with following different ways.

And our main purpose is to be friend with our fans and be frank with our clients. As clients shouldn't be friends (I think this way) we should say some frank words to them and then talk about the business. But the main point is we should keep in touch and chit-chat with everybody who contacts using our Facebook page inbox.

7. Reach Out

If you are not getting business offers and your page is great enough then you should use Facebook's graph search and reach out to the companies and influencers. This is also a free service from Facebook and includes the entire database of Facebook profiles and pages and more. So that you can easily reach out to your audience and clients.

For using graph search I suggest you to watch some video tutorials or read graph search articles by searching on Google so that you will know what graph search really is and how you can reach out to your clients for free.

Don't worry if you are at 10K fans and engagement is nice but getting no sales or advertising opportunities at your Facebook page. You have to build a brand around your page and then reach out to the clients (if they are not coming to you) this maybe a time consuming method and low converting step but worth your try.

8. Be Active

Being active for making money on Facebook with page is not about posting regular content and creating content for the next updates. You have to be active on other parts too and they are:
  • Post updates on different times and don't post regularly (do random posting on random times)
  • Interact with their (fans) comments on your updates and reply like your are friend to them
  • Reply to every message and ask them if they need more information
Plus these ways you should keep your about us information, cover photo and profile image updated at-least twice in a month. Because people love changes and they do love them when changes are on timely manners. Don't change profile or cover image on weekly or daily basis, twice a month is enough.

9. Create a Group

Don't do it on very first day of your creating your Facebook page for making money online. As it needs your attention and you have to update your friends and group members on a 24 hours active basis. You have to make some admins and tell them the rules, you have to ban some profiles from the group and you have to be active all the time on the group.

Groups are better when you have at-least 5K likes on your Facebook page and easily manage it with having your own product. So if you don't have a product to represent in the group then you should avoid creating one.

So? Its enough for knowing how to create a Facebook page to make money from Facebook and without investing any dollar. If you need more tips on making money from Facebook then stay in touch, we will keep you updated with new ways to make money on Facebook.