5 Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Accounts For More Sales

Social media got the value from businesses and brands just because its the power and it can generate a lot more sales than billboard advertising do. How it can help even a newbie at marketing to drive good results? because social media can give insights to the user's data and we can easily target them according to our products. When we are marketing our great products to the right audience and target them on their interest, gender and more data then how come we can't get great sales? This is the beauty of social media marketing and that's how brands and small businesses in even large ones are getting benefits from the social media world.
5 Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Accounts For More Sales

Not just the business and sale, with social media you can easily make a family of your customers and make relations with them. They actually will think your company or brand is a friend to them and suggest you to their friends, but for this you have to play your cards well. So, If you are also looking to generate more sales using your social media accounts and manage them wisely then here's a guide with 5 tips to make yourself know how you can drive more sales using social media as a marketing tool online.

1. Use Right Social Media Network

Let's find an answer to this question "where your targeted audience is active?". If you can find answer to this question on your own then you can skip this step and go the second one or read to find how you can research about your targeted audience and use the right social network which is suitable to your product or service. No doubts that Facebook is the king in social media war, but there are many other queens and they can also make your business grow and get more sales. All you have to do is just check them out and test them to know where your targeted audience is active and where they are just peeking.

For example: Create an ad campaign and invest 10 dollars on each platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Now after spending $10 with same ad and same campaign with same investing plan on every platform check and audit which platform is giving you more sales and which platform is giving you more followers.

Now here's the real game begins and when businesses got more sales on LinkedIn they starts investing more money on that platform and end-up eating their advertising budget and found that it was giving more sales in just starting days and at the end there is no sale but some interactions. So the better thing is, we should consider where we are getting more followers and on which platform audience is really interacting with the brand and becoming the follower. Always try to get more followers, not just the sales. As when you got more followers and they all are targeted (have interest on your product) you are likely to get long-term sales and permanent customer. That's why I am saying that find a social network where your targeted audience is active and not just peeking then never getting there again.

2. User Names

The very crucial way to get your brand identified by your customers and followers easily and professionally. All you have to do is create the same handle on every social media network like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. As they are giving you the free opportunity to have a custom user name of your choice so that you can make it same as your brand name or official website. For me the this is a smallest way to engage your followers and customers towards your brand in a professional way and its the only thing every social media network is providing you for free and at the very first day you can enjoy this branding material.

For an example: When you are going to create an eCommerce store (or any other online business) after registering the domain you may looking to get your trademark applied for the same name and the social media is not just a game. Its the total new world in the universe of internet and on this world you can get a trademark of your choice for free. But, you have to be quick and research for available usernames which are in real the trademarks on the internet.

If I am not wrong then every consumer loves to follow a brand or service on each social media platform where he/she have an account and they do research for the brands and services with their social media handles. Guess when you are a big company like Apple and your social media user names are not same, what you will lose and what others will gain? you will probably have to pay money to the user name owner or accept the reality to create your social media profile on another user name and that's how many small and large businesses or losing their customers and followers, because this is also a signal of professionalism.

3. Languages

Knowing vernacular of your customers and social media audience is one of the key factors in success of your online advertising campaigns and business reach. In the entire world there's a new language after every 10 kilometers and every country and state is totally different in terms of the languages. This is the #1 thing which makes a difference in all the human being and every area of the world is different in speaking terms.

For an example: If you are a person from England and speak English, but your targeted audience is from China and they speak Chinese only. How you will answer them?

As answering your customer's comments and questions on your social media accounts and social media advertising campaigns is the crucial thing and it can make or fail your branding strategy. For this purpose you have to learn your targeted audience' language and speak with them using their native language not yours. It makes sense when you are answering to the consumers questions in their mother tongue so they will understand it better and follow you thinking that you are from them. This is how many brands like Pepsi and Louis Vuitton (LV) are winning their customers.

4. Endorsement by Users

This is how you can get free content and 100% eye-catchy reviews for your products. Surely there will be some bad ones, but all you have to do is share the positive customer feedback as your content engine and re-post their testimonials including your product on social media. This will help you get more sales and more followers on every social media account and you can also include your consumer feedback in your produce pages at your official website. But the thing is how we can get that testimonials and have them as positive as they can to increase brand awareness and also create a good image of the brand or service?

The answer is, you can create fabulous products and if you think that your product is still have to get some upgrades and you are working on it (surely you don't want to get bad reviews) you can ask your customers and followers on social media networks to give their suggestions on improving your product and you can do this by creating a branded hashtag (#hashtag) and spread your followers by investing a small amount on Facebook or Twitter ads. There are more ways to get customer feedback and use it as content:
  • Giveaways
  • Contests
  • Discounts
You have to check your advertising budget and use any of the above ways to get feedback and use that positive feedback content for posting updates on social media profiles with product and also you can put 3/4 feedback paragraphs on your product pages at your official website which is the best way to get more sales.

5. Link Your Product Pages

The most simplest and best way to get more sales with social media accounts is linking your products everywhere in the social media networks. You can link relative products in every social media update and make your followers easily convert into customers or at-least visit your website so it will increase the brand awareness.

To easily get more benefit from your social media accounts and double your return on investment you should add your website link to:
  • Social media account bio
  • Cover image (type website address on the cover image)
  • Facebook page about us widget
  • Website link on all social media accounts after user name
  • Watermark with website address on every product photo
  • Link to the product with every image shared on social media accounts
And you can also link more products when your social media followers comment on your updates and seek information. You can link your products and ask them to visit the website for getting more information.

So, these are the basic ways to optimize your social media accounts and get more sales. If you want more social media marketing tips then you should keep visiting us. Thanks for the read.