18 Effective SEO Link Building Methods

Search engine optimization is becoming harder day by day as many experts are testing new and their own methods of doing it.

Still, there's a chance for you to rank your blog posts or web-pages higher in Google search pages and other search engines as well and that is by creating high quality backlinks with white-hat methods.

Now the questions is which are the best white-hat methods to build links and survive from search engine algorithmic updates? and the answer is there are 18 different ways to create backlinks effectively and at a safe side.

18 Effective SEO Link Building Methods

So, read this list of my favorite and most amazing methods to create high quality backlinks for getting good rankings at Google and other search engines too:

1. Question to Answer Sites

There is much hype in recent days about question to answer sites and they actually work for ranking your web pages and blog posts higher in the search result pages. If you are looking to know how these websites can help then here's the clue:

Google and other search engine spiders are now very intelligent and they know what type of content readers love to read and where people are spending more time. From many metrics, they are collecting data and with recent updates from Google like hummingbird and others they are actually making people know what they are looking for and thus question to answer sites got traction. As you know that Quora and Yahoo Answers is are the best platforms to get answers from related people and industry experts and this is what people look for.

The best way to make your website get link juice from these websites where people are hungry for getting more information, all you have to do is just go there and answer relative questions and at the end of every answer add your website or relative blog post link so that you can get more people to read your blog posts and let search bots consider your pages to add into top lists at SERPs.

2. Web 2.0

If you are looking to have everything in your hands and create thousands of backlinks without hesitation of any third party you can create your own blogs and put some content on them and your website links there. This is something many professional bloggers and marketers are doing it and they are really getting their websites ranked faster.

However, there's a big debate on this link building strategy and some of the experts are saying that this is a time wasting technique and we should avoid it. But what I recommend is you should do it the right way. As bloggers do it wrong by publishing copied content and then they post same content on every web 2.0 blog and some of them are using spun content using free text spinners available on the internet. The right way to do it is to create real content from scratch and post 10/13 blog posts on every blog you create with web 2.0 platforms and keep that blogs updated with more articles per week or month. After doing this for at-least 2 months you can start publishing more content on them and add your website links.

You can use platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Wix to create web 2.0 backlinks and make your blog posts get ranked higher.

I recommend you to create a free blog and then create HTML sitemap of your main blog on these free blogs and help your main blog get indexed in Google even faster.

3. Infographics

It is good to increase awareness about many hidden and most viral topics on the internet and the very great way of putting information on an image which we call a visual info graphic and in short called infographics and people from every industry loves to read infographics. All you have to do is use any of the free tool for image editing like canva or if you can use then Photoshop by Adobe will be the perfect tool for creating infographics.

All you have to do is just create information graphics and then submit to top websites like Visual.ly, Graphs.net and FlowingData.com and there are many other platforms but these are the best ones and you can use them freely to submit your infographics and in return you will get a do-follow backlink which is really a help in getting your pages ranked with white hat SEO link building method of infographic submissions.

4. Profiles

If you are searching for how to get a backlink from Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn and other top websites then the most easiest way is to create profiles on these websites and add your website links there. Everybody can create a profile on such websites and add links there.

You can use websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Behance, YouTube and many other websites. All you have to do is just create a free profile on these websites and add your profile photo make some contacts there and post some updates then add your website link in information or about section of your profiles.

5. Commenting

By commenting I am not telling you that you should comment on your friend's Facebook updates or reply to Tweets and add your link there. You have to comment on blogs and then in URL field add your website link and if they allow you can refer your blog posts with commentluv enabled blogs and more.

You can just search for some relative keywords in your niche and then make list of relative blogs and set a day or two days in a week when you will visit them and comment on their latest blog posts. By this you will create relations with other fellow bloggers so they will also visit your blog and it will create a fellowship. However, commenting links are not that high in quality but they makes sense.

6. Business Listing

If you are going to create your business with your blog or website then business listing websites are available for you and you can get your blog listed there. This will not just help you with getting a high quality backlink for your website and make it rank better but also you can gain more exposure and clients.

Some of the great websites for business listings are Yelp, CrunchBase, Foursquare and Startupnation which will easily give you a business listing option and you can get benefit from that option by adding your site url there and these websites are trusted websites of Google search bots so that you will see a boost in your rankings.

7. Video Sharing

There are now hundreds of free video sharing websites where we can just upload a video and get backlink to any of our website or blog. But here I am not talking about that websites. I am talking about just YouTube.

Yes, Just YouTube. Because its the only great video sharing website where we can upload our videos for free and make money with Google Adsense and also it can help us be a celebrity. However, we are here to talk about how we can acquire backlinks for good ranking and this is how:
  • Just create your informational video about any relative topic (using mobile or whiteboard animation tools)
  • Then open YouTube and signin with your Google account now create a channel and start uploading the video
  • Create a title and in description add your website link or blog post link as reference and choose your tags then hit publish
That's all, you will get high quality and powerful links to your blog. This will potentially increase your chances of getting high rankings and you will start enjoying extra money in your Google adsense account by enabling ads on your YouTube videos.

8. Bookmarking

With an hope to get more traffic on your website there are some highly appreciated social media bookmarking websites available to use for free. All you have to do is just visit the website and then create a free account. After that you will be able to share your content pages on that website and tag them on their categorize.

They will drive traffic to your content pages and thus you will also get backlinks from that websites. Some of the great social bookmarking websites are Mix, Digg, Scoop and Reddit the front page of internet where thousands of people are waiting for content sharing on every topic.

9. Images

If you can create viral memes and your blog is about entertainment and fun then this is the most amazing thing you can do to get millions of eye-balls on your content and also get hundreds of backlinks for free with using images sharing websites.

There are some websites like Imgur, Pinterest and Likes which will increase your visibility in search engines and make your content go viral. All you have to do is just upload images on these websites and if you can't create images then download royalty free images and put some funny text on them and make them show memes so that people will share with their friends and you will see traffic and links.

10. Audio

By this method I am not saying that you should download audio songs and upload on other websites to get backlinks. There is much more to do with audio uploading and in the blogging field you have too much options to choose from. Like you can create podcasts or record a debate on blog relative topic and upload on free audio sharing websites.

Some of the great audio sharing websites which are allowing you to add your website or blog link are SoundCloud, 8Tracks and ReverbNation. The simple trick to create audio files is just record your audio by speaking your blog posts and then upload them to these websites and in description of the audio files add your blog post link so that you can increase traffic and get free backlinks from the same content you already have posted to your blog.

11. Slide Share

Slide sharing was really an amazing thing and also working for now, maybe it will not work in coming years but still we can get high quality backlinks from most of the highly ranked and trusted websites which are giving us access to their platforms and so we can upload our slide shares on their platforms just like social bookmarking and in description add the website links.

Some of these websites will need you to create Microsoft Power Point slideshares and some of them give you the access to their simple tools for creating a slideshare with images. So you can use Slideshare.net, Empressr.com and Slideboom to upload slideshares and get free backlinks.

12. Web Forums

If we talk about effective SEO link building methods then one of the best methods is forum posting. This is same like question and answer websites. People will come to the forums and ask their questions and you have to answer them or send a file to them as most of the people on forums are looking to get particular files.

You can make your reputation on any of these forums like DigitalPoint and WarriorForum which are highly active and quality forums and you can signup to create a profile free. After that you can setup a signature and add your website link there.

13. Communities

There are some really active and hell benefiting blogging communities on the internet and you can join them for free. With all of their benefits like getting new content ideas, interacting with other professional bloggers the most exciting benefit is getting backlinks.

Yes, you can get backlinks from using these blogging communities like Inbound.org, BlogEngage and Blokube. Joining them is free and all of them are on their own rules. You can try them to find link building opportunities there.

14. Digital Books

Sharing books with other readers is the all time best thing people are doing from decades now and everybody loves this. In this digital era everybody loves get free eBooks so they can read them on smart devices and get more knowledge while traveling to a new area or when they are in need of getting more information about a particular topic they turn to eBooks.

The problem is now people are selling their eBooks and nobody likes to giveaway free digital books. If you can help readers get free ones then the best way to create free eBooks is to get your own blog posts which are relative and on one topic in MS word and tie them up with one topic. Now convert that blog posts into one PDF Book and upload on directory sites like GetFreEbooks, Docstoc and Free-ebooks.net. They will allow you to add your website link and you can also add links to the PDF books.

15. Directories

There are some really high quality made by human and some of the automatic web directories available allowing you to get high quality backlinks for free and some of them ask money for instant link insertion.

One of the best web directories are Dmoz.org, Technorati and AllTop. When you get access to these highly trusted platforms you will be able to generate high quality backlinks and get more traffic including higher search engine rankings which is the coolest point of doing SEO with web directories.

16. Articles

If you can write many articles in a day and love doing it then you are the one who really needs to know that article submission sites are here and they are paying you high quality backlinks for each of the article you submit to them.

However, this is a time consuming method but you may like it. So just go to one of these top article submission sites eHow, ArticleCity or eZineArticles and submit your articles to build backlinks that will help you rank higher in Google SERPs.

17. Guest Blogging

Guest posting or guest article submission is a key thing which is not that bad as article submission is. If you can really create highly engaging and quality content then the best way to get high quality and best backlinks from top websites is to write articles for them.

You just have to find some relative blogs or sites and ask them whether they are accepting guest posts and if they say yes then ask them for topics or mention topics you can write on. They will select a topic so that you can write a quality article on that particular topic and send to them with link to your blog and social media profile and your bio. They will happily add your links on that article. This way you will get exposure, traffic and ranking boost.

18. Broken Links

Last but not least and takes time.

Why this is a great way to create backlinks? because nobody can beat you in this. All you have to do is just find broken links on relative blog posts or website articles and then create high quality content on that topic and ask the admin to check out your content and link to you as his link is broken and not good for his readers.

This is the way most of the professional bloggers working on and getting their blog posts rank better in Google. If you can master this method of building backlinks then you will be able to rank any blog higher in Google in some days. Thanks for the read.