Easy Ways to Generate Conversions on Your Blog

Blogging is one of the most exciting things on today's internet which is providing you a great way to say your words, create an audience and then make money out of it.

That's a kind of big business plan which you can create and start working at home without spending thousands of dollars.
Easy Ways to Generate Conversions on Your Blog
However, since the start of blogging world. Everybody is looking for how to generate business leads through blogs and since then people are curious about finding new and creative ways to generate conversions on a blog.

If you are newbie at blogging and don't know about conversions on blogs then read this basic and easy ways guide for taking a fresh start:

Create Lead Magnets

First of all, after creating great content the main thing you have to do on your blog is to create a lead magnet or have something to share with your readers which should worth a subscription cost.

For most easiest way you can use eBooks and create them with your best content. How to create PDF books without spending too much of your time and doing researches?

As I said, create them with your content which you have already published on your blog. Its the most easiest way to generate leads and get great conversion email list ready for your campaigns. But how to create those eBooks without writing and grabbing already published content? You can do it manually by copying content and then arranging everything on your own but again this takes time and you can't do it professionally.
  • However, by using a tool like Designrr you can get many eBooks and lead magnets created in just a few minutes
Yes, Designrr is something which is helping bloggers and content creators to easily manage their content and re-use the content to create out-standing PDF eBooks and lead magnets which they can use to grab emails and more for getting conversions from their blog readers.

Go ahead and check them, you will love this tool as they have templates and thousands of other free things in every of their plan.

How to Use eBooks for Lead Generation?

When you have a great blog with awesome content and you have your eBook created with above mentioned tool then all the work which is pending at your side is to make use of that eBook and have your readers subscribe to your newsletter, pay money or do social sharing for download your eBook.

You can do these conversions by:
  • Installing a pop-up (pop-under) on your blog posts and ask readers to subscribe and get a free copy of your eBook
  • Put a widget in sidebar with same details
  • Create lead buttons to free eBook download for grabbing more email addresses in blog posts
As you may know that CTA (call to action) works on every type of blogs and bloggers are using them to create funnels.

So try different types of CTA strategy and check what works for you.

If you want more information about this topic and want more professional tips then do comment below and share this article with other newbie bloggers and we will help you with more exciting tips on how to generate leads with a blog.