Study: 80% of Tweets are being Created by 10% of Twitter Users

Study: 80% of Tweets are being Created by 10% of Twitter Users

We all are in doubts that who is creating those thousands of tweets on almost every trending topic and still we think that Twitter is not widely used by individuals as they use Facebook or Instagram.

A recent study by Pew Research Center is confirming our doubts and they just cleared them by showing how much of the Twitter users are really active and how they tweet to make the Twitter a news source.

Pew study found that just 10% of all the Twitter users are responsible for 80% of the tweets.

It means that 10% of users are making Twitter a living social media network which is informing all the others about the latest happenings and news updates.

And these numbers are from the U.S. market and the rest of the world as the study also analyzes other demographics as well there were 2,791 US adult Twitter users who responded to the survey conducted by the research center.

Important Insights about Twitter Users:

In key findings, there is not a large community of US users on Twitter and most of the updates are from a small number of accounts as over 90% of the accounts are hanging on the network.

The study also revealed that only 10% of Twitter users are creating over 10% of all the tweets in the whole US.

Surprising fact: The rest of the users on Twitter, tweets just two times in 30 days. Yes, just twice a month and those who are active and in the list of 10% users, most of them are women.

Pew Research Center also shared that the most active users on Twitter are sending approximately 138 tweets per month.

More Data on Twitter Users:

Not just the tweets count, the study also revealed that American adults who are using Twitter actively are showing different behavior or you can say attitude than those who are not that active.

Most of them are younger than other users and 73% of likely to be under 50 years of age. That's also a reason on why they don't tweet about all the stuff and use Twitter to get updates for the latest happenings.

Some stats from the study suggests that 42% of the Twitter users college graduates and with this degree level there are 31% of the users in US regions.

The Pew Research Center conducted this survey and arranged the data by asking questions to 2,791 US adult Twitter users from Nov. 21, 2018, through Dec. 17, 2018, and calculated the insights.