Google is developing a digital ID card

Google is developing a digital ID card
Google is becoming a giant in almost every field of internet and making things more interesting.

Now we heard the news (VentureBeat) that Google is working on a digital ID card to make their Android users more secure and happy.

Representatives of the US corporation Google announced that they are working to create so-called electronic identifiers for gadgets/smartphones on the Android operating system.

It became known that the developed digital identification card will have similarity with its physical counterpart, and can be used for all transactions that can be the breakthrough technology in the eCommerce industry.

The uniqueness of this card is noted that it will become a key element of any e-wallet and will be able to replace air tickets, discount and credit cards and totally replace mobile-wallets.

At the same time, it was emphasized that, to date, this card cannot yet be used as an identity card (ID Card). We are still unable to figure out what type of card it will be and whether we will have its physical copy too.

Following this new feature in Android phones, Google will bring a whole new option for users to pay safely.

If you think its another way for Google to make its money then tell us as we are thinking like this and know that Google will surely make money out of this amazing service.

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