How to set up your electric dog fence?

How to set up your electric dog fence?
Dogs love to run around the yard, digging up the dirt and rubbing their nose against the grass.

If you have a huge backyard or grounds on your property, space would be perfect for a dog to play in. However, there may be the risk of him hitting something or falling into the pool.

It is not always possible to keep an eye on pets in case they get into trouble.

The answer to your problem is an electric dog fence. It’s not as fancy as it sounds and is actually pretty easy to set up.

Map it out

Before purchasing an electric pet containment system, you need to know how much area you need it to cover.

A basic system usually covers 25 acres, and better ones transmit electric signals over hundreds of acres. Moreover, you should set out the shape of the area it has to cover.

One advantage of an electronic fencing system is that it need not be installed in a solid-shaped path. You can design a flexible path that fits your property.

Buy the hardware

Go to your local pet store or hardware shop and purchase a pet containment system.

Do your research and read reviews of different products on the internet. It is possible that a shock collar may be too weak or strong for your dog.

It should produce an unpleasant pulse to stop him from crossing boundaries but the shock shouldn’t be very painful, or the dog would be traumatized.

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The system itself can also be purchased online and delivered to your home. The basic items that every system includes are a transmitter, wires and shock collars.

Mark the area

Using pebbles or by inserting marker flags in the dirt, mark the area you have already traced on the map. This will help you layout the wire later.

Ground the transmitter

Ground the transmitter according to the maker’s instructions. It should not be close to any electric wiring or appliances which can interrupt the transmission of signals.

Place it somewhere it won’t be moved or jostled. A garage is a good option as long as it is away from all the electric components and you can easily install the best wireless dog fence there.


Now, it is time to lay the wiring. Place it next to the markers you installed earlier. Make sure all corners of the wire are rounded as perpendicular angles can disrupt signals.

Next, test the system by connecting wires to the transmitter. Hold the shock collar close to the boundary wiring, and it should beep to indicate that it is working.

After the wire has been tested above the ground, it is time to bury it. However, it should not be buried very deep because that can interrupt the signals.

Let the training commence

Your dog containment system is now ready to use.

Next, you can begin training the dog by placing the shock collar around his neck and letting him loose on the grounds.

On average, a dog can be fully trained within a week or so if training is consistent.