Facebook Addiction: Signs and Solutions

Facebook Addiction: Signs and Solution
Everybody talks about the benefits of social media networks and what they don't tell you about the addiction of those networks and most of the teenagers are yet to know signs of Facebook Addiction that can contribute to their weak studies, low self-esteem and also bad productivity routine.

Here we have top 10 signs of Facebook Addiction disorder that you should read and find if you are addicted to Facebook or not and then read the solution of Facebook Addiction at the end of this article. That's how we are going to help you use Facebook as a social media app and don't waste your precious time. Let's read the symptoms of Facebook addiction:

1. Prioritizing Facebook

If you are giving priority to Facebook than your work, study or morning walk, then its the first sign that you are addicted to Facebook and it is not just the only sign.

However, you should stop this and accept that your offline life is more important than your online life, so go ahead of offline activities and prioritize them.

2. Spending More Time

Spending time by using social media apps, games or any other entertaining things like TV and Radio is not a bad thing at all. But, when you are spending more than 1 hour on Facebook per day and your smartphone's battery drain reports say that Facebook is usage is eating your phone's battery every day, its a sign of Facebook Addiction.

I am not recommending you to completely quit using Facebook, as its a great social media network and you can do wonders with it. All I am saying that if you are just scrolling your Facebook newsfeed and for this purpose, you are spending hours than you are a Facebook addict. So stop it.

3. Rush to Update Facebook Story

You are not listening to anybody else, you just want to update your Facebook Story so that your friends can see what you are doing today.

Normally you can update your Facebook Story once a day if you are doing it 2/3 times on a daily basis than I must say that its a sign of Facebook Addiction and you should avoid sharing everything in your offline lifestyle on Facebook Story feature.

4. You Forget Things

When you are using a social media network for excessive hours and don't look at your schedules, deadlines, pending work and other things like Food or your Coffee, you are going to have a disease of forgetting things, so be active and don't give up on anything just to use Facebook for some more time.

This is not a new sign if you are experiencing this and thinking that you are becoming a Facebook addict then stop it today and give time to your daily life goals.

5. You Feel Guilty

This is a severe sign of Facebook Addiction and if you are feeling this, you are already badly addicted to Facebook. In this sign, you may feel guilty whenever you update status and nobody gives you any reaction (comment or like) in about 10 minutes, you become angry and just delete that update.

This is when you should realize that you are wasting your brain on useless things. It doesn't matter what your friends are reacting to your Facebook updates or not, so be careful and be a genius.

6. Sharing Everything

There are people who talk about their privacy and ask social networks to provide them with encrypted solutions, and there are some people who don't care about their privacy and they went to Facebook for sharing everything about them. If you are one of them and sharing everything, then it's a sign that you are a victim of Facebook Addiction.

7. Using Facebook Everywhere

No, it's not that bad. If you are using it while you are free or on your bed, you are good to go. However, when you are using Facebook when you are working, in the bathroom or on a date with your wife/husband or lover/family, you are addicted to Facebook.

Tell me, what if your boss finds you using Facebook just after he/she ordered you to complete that pending project in 30 minutes. What your boss will say?

8. Afraid To Unfriend

You are just about to hit a limit of 5,000 Friends on Facebook and still, you are afraid to unfriend even a single person. This is the greatest sign that you are addicted to Facebook.

Even you have not met those 4,000 friends, you don't want to have a small list of Friends on Facebook and that's not good. You should have a nice looking profile and have those people as friends who you really know in real life.

9. Useless Reporting

I am not talking about your updates, it's about sending reports to Facebook security team without a real reason. If you are sending reports for your friend's updates or other public figures and you hate them, you are a bad addict of Facebook who is crossing borders.

So, avoid reporting base-less things and live your life, let others live theirs and also don't make the Facebook security team busy with your useless reporting.

10. You Think You Are An Addict

Last, you can't take it as least.

If you think that you are a Facebook addict, then you are. It's time to sign out of Facebook and go to a picnic, hang out with friends and give time to your family.

Solution of Facebook Addiction

I am not going to say that you should deactivate your Facebook account or use an alternative social network. These are not solutions for Facebook Addiction, even you will face more issues.

What you should do is to have a log of time-spend on Facebook for your daily usage with your smartphone and try to reduce that time daily and try these things:

  • Uninstall Facebook Mobile App
  • Use it only on your Laptop
  • Update your Profile Image once Month
  • Read newspapers instead of newsfeed
  • Ask your friends to call you directly instead of commenting on your updates
There are several other things you can do and that are only the methods that you can think, as I don't know how much you are addicted to Facebook and I am totally not against Facebook.

Facebook is the #1 social network in the whole world and its a great platform to grow your business, have a better life and have fun.

Its all about how you use it, so, if you think that you are falling in "Facebook Addiction" then comment below and let me help you.