The Flexible Revolution And How It Can Bend Your Business Into Shape

The Flexible Revolution And How It Can Bend Your Business Into Shape
The internet has changed how we do business, how we communicate with customers, how we organize, and much more.

However, the way that we actually manage our work remains reluctant to change for many. Being stuck in the office from 9 to 5 might be tradition, but many have doubts about whether or not it’s really the most productive way to do things.

However, the flexible revolution is coming, changing when, where, and how we work. Here are a few changes worth considering.

Work with anyone, anywhere

One of the biggest changes in business lately is the ability to work with staff members both in the office and in far-flung locations, whether they’re across the country or entirely overseas.

Integrating remote working, as highlighted at, means you no longer have to set up offices wherever you have employees.

Project management and productivity tracking tools are making it much easier to ensure that workers across the country are meeting their objectives, which can help save the costs of expanding your business property and supplying the devices they need do get the job done.

Take the tools to work with you

Of course, to be able to work in locations across the country (or the world), you also need to have the tools to get that work done. Teams like are making that much easier with Cloud solutions.

This effectively connects you and your team to the apps that you use to communicate, store data, and get your work done. You can be halfway across the country one day and back in the office the next, but still be using the same tools and accessing the same work, even if you’re on different devices.

Consider when you work

Given that we’re able to do work wherever we want and with whomever we want around the world by getting more flexible, it only makes sense that we are able to work when we want, too. Implementing flexible work schedules, as shown at takes work.

For work the demands collaboration or extensive communication, for instance, it may be necessary to set basic hours that all your team should be available. However, people are shown to be more productive when they have a choice on when they can work with deadlines set on what time they should have certain goals done by.

Marketing and customer support can be flexible, too

On a slightly different track, social media has made the marketing and communications aspects of business a lot more flexible, too.

More and more businesses are turning away from having a social media communicator, and rather letting everyday members of their team get on the hotseat, giving their accounts more of a personality and a direct line between your clients and the people that they’re doing business with, which can foster loyalty and more genuine connections.

Running a flexible business isn’t going to work for every company and every team.

However, if you’re wondering how to be more productive, how to cut costs, or how to better organise your team, it might be worth considering.