Get Supported, Get Ahead

Get Supported, Get Ahead
If you’re asking yourself if your IT systems are up to the challenge of keeping your business up and running, then chances are they’re not.

Just getting by with a website that shows some serious weaknesses is something that can really undermine all the hard work you’ve put in.

When it comes to getting your IT up to scratch, we bring you some ideas to keep your business moving forward.

Software versus Hardware

Conduct an overhaul of your current operating systems, the software you’re using and how it all holds together but also take a look at the hardware running it all.

While it can be costly upgrading your computers and replacing aging technology, in the long run, it’s far better to do it on your terms when you have time to negotiate a deal, rather than have to spend out on emergency repairs unexpectedly. The amount you’ll spend on an emergency call-out fee alone will be almost as much as a new kit, so shop around for a great deal before you run out of time.

Start thinking outside the box. Do you have to go with traditional laptops and a docking station or would your team benefit from a hybrid tablet and laptop that allows them to touch screen technology and a little more creativity?

If you’re encouraging more remote working then this is another factor you’ll need to take into account.

Up to Date

Turning your attention to your software, is everything running on the latest versions or are there team members still hanging on to older versions because they’re not keen on the upgrades?

While this is understandable, the latest versions do more than offer a nicer appearance, they also help to keep bugs and viruses at bay and fix holes in the operating system, so get up to date.

Maybe your software choices are only just managing to keep up with your growing business, in which case it’s time to talk to the experts about replacing some older programmes and finding the support that really allows you to go further than you ever have before.

Companies such as will talk you through some better, more supported versions of what you’re currently using. Ditch the ancient accounts programme you’ve been using and find software that allows you to stitch together every part of your finances simply and easily, with seamless integration.

You’re looking for software that allows your staff to see their timesheets each month, to book annual leave and that also raises invoices, pays incoming invoices and keeps on top of the tax.

If your marketing is way off the mark then find a more powerful solution such as HubSpot that will deliver you better, more personalized campaigns and help track their effectiveness.

When you’re growing and hungry for even greater success, don’t let poor technology let you down.

Get up to date, get supported and get everyone working on the latest versions for a supported IT infrastructure that can handle whatever your business throws at it.