10 Best Alternatives to YouTube for Everyone in 2023

10 Best YouTube Alternative Platforms for Everyone in 2023

There are many alternatives to youtube sites available to stream or share videos and most of them are not as big as YouTube.

Most of the sites are not that cool and you can't find all types of videos on them, here I am going to share with you a list of best Youtube alternatives that will have more features, more videos, and fast access to various types videos that will surely entertain you and educate you.

Today when someone is looking to search for something in the text, he will Google that and when someone is willing to watch a video, he will go to YouTube, that's why YouTube is releasing strict policies month-by-month and the content creators are not able to upload their desired stories, that's why the viewers also look for Youtube alternative websites and apps that can provide them with the videos they are looking for.

So, here I am with the best list of the top 10 best sites like YouTube that are carefully checked and added to this list for the general public and people like you who are looking to entertain themselves and upload their own video content without much restrictions like at Youtube. So check alternative to youtube list right below:

1. Dailymotion: The Best Alternative to YouTube

Dailymotion is one of the most amazing video sharing platforms where everybody can create an account and share some videos and watch all types of videos without the need to signup. I adding Dailymotion as the #1 spot for the best Youtube alternatives list because it is the platform that deserves this title.

With Youtube lookalike features and a video player, you can easily adapt this platform as a Youtube replacement and enjoy uninterrupted video streaming, while it's not as big as Youtube is, the team behind Dailymotion is doing their best to develop more amazing features like partner program that is running now to help content publishers earn some money and much more.

2. Vimeo: Conservative Alternative to Youtube

This is another best platform for high-quality content creators and those who want to showcase their best work in an impressive way. Vimeo is providing a professional and rich experience to viewers and content creators together, in this list of Youtube alternatives, this video streaming website is at the 2nd spot and it's because of their outclass services.

They recently launched an ad-free video player feature and that's actually why Vimeo is a competition to Youtube, as Google's Youtube is showing ads on almost every video which distracts viewers. With this Youtube alternative, you can watch amazingly created videos without extra glitches. The only bad side of Vimeo is they are not allowing content creators to upload as much as they can on Youtube and Vimeo can't beat Youtube in terms of videos quantity being uploaded on a daily basis.

3. IGTV - Social Media Video Sharing Platform

This is the social media video sharing king and the greatest alternative to Youtube that can leave you speechless by showing the most relative and engaging videos that you will never skip. Thanks to the great algorithms of Instagram, IGTV inside the Instagram mobile works like a champ and streams videos that you really want to watch on your mobile.
Currently, IGTV is available only to Instagram users thus you need to sign into Instagram for using its video streaming service (IGTV) and you can upload your own videos as well (uploading option is not available for handy devices). This is a source of getting thousands of views on any type of video and influencers, content creators and marketers are using IGTV to spread their message to a massive community of Instagrammers who really interact with IGTV videos.

4. Facebook Watch - True Alternative to YouTube

Facebook can turn heads another way as they just launched a video monetization program and content creators from Youtube are slowly turning to Facebook videos. I have been noticing that many famous Youtubers are uploading their videos to Facebook and they are running ads on them, and also getting paid with stars (Facebook's feature that lets fans donate money to creators). That's why Facebook's video platform inside the Facebook social networking app is taking the industry by storm and looks like the true alternative to youtube.

The amazing thing is that everyone with a Facebook ID can access all the videos on Facebook by searching for their favorite terms in the search bar inside the FB app and then click on videos to find all the relative videos to a particular search term. Everybody can hit Facebook watch by uploading quality and engaging videos that Facebook watch will boost with its awesome algorithms based on user's preferences. That's why Facebook is becoming the real Youtube alternative that can turn Youtubers into Facebookers.

5. Metacafe - Short Videos Sharing Platform

If you love watching short movie clips and don't want to waste your time on lengthy video content and that too by using an alternative to youtube, Metacafe is a network that can help you watch short-form video content and show you better videos than Youtube, that's what I call the best short videos sharing Youtube alternative.

However, if we call it a real video youtube alternative then it will be a wrong title as its a different platform and have its own features and the bad thing is the platform is up with its official website without having an SSL certificate, which means the team behind is not really taking the project as serious as they should and still Metacafe is providing great content to have fun for some time and be one of the best sites like Youtube.

6. Veoh: Another Youtube Alternative

When it comes to watching videos online, the first thing people search for is what is trending and they tend to watch the trending videos before searching for their favorite ones. For this purpose, a youtube alternative app Veoh can help such people to check the hottest videos on their homepage with a few links, and also people can search for more videos without any hesitation.

The best features of alternatives to youtube Veoh like no-limits uploads and easy sharing with friends are helping Veoh community to get engaged and increase their video content engagement massively. As I shared that all the best platforms have their set limits, this YouTube alternative site is something that is on another mission to provide users what they are looking for.

7. Vevo: Best Youtube Alternative for Music Lovers

Are you a music lover? love to listen to and watch music videos? if yes then this youtube alternative 2023 for the music category can give you goosebumps as Vevo is the biggest website has a lot of music waiting for your attention and is the best music alternative to youtube. Once you will get into this music streaming network, you will never get back to Youtube for watching music videos.

The only bad thing is Vevo is not available worldwide, only the selected countries are allowed and the best thing is that VEVO has mobile apps with a really impressive library of every type of music, songs, and everything else in the music category. Another cool thing about Vevo is, the platform is the official partner of various English and other language singers, so you will enjoy the original music at any time.

8. Twitch: A Gaming Youtube Alternate

If it's all about your gaming love, you are good to have a Twitch account and start live streaming your gameplay and also watch other gamers who are live-streaming their gaming videos for the rest of the community to watch on the best free alternative to youtube for gamers. This was a normal concept website and soon after its launch of the concept website, it becomes famous in the computer gaming community.

That's why today Twitch stands as youtube alternative free speech for gamers who don't want to have strict policies and who want to showcase their gaming strategies to the world and also earn some money. If you can play games and have an internet connection, you are good to start with Twitch and showcase your gaming abilities.

9. Tune: A Pakistani Youtube competitor 

Another amazing video sharing network and Youtube competition in Pakistan is (not in the United States) is focusing to have a Pakistani Youtube alternative that can serve the best of Pakistani content creators and showcase the videos to Pakistani viewers. They are offering free uploads and free endless hours of watching facility to all of their users.

The platform is created with an open-source video sharing CMS that can be installed on your server and you can have your own video sharing network in minutes. But, that's for the web developers, if you are looking for sites like youtube without restrictions then go ahead and use this network.

10. 9Gag TV: Fun and Entertainment Site

Who doesn't want to waste some time and have some fun between a 9 to 5 job or when working for hours in the office? 9Gag TV is something can help you relieve stress by watching gags with endless streaming options. With images, memes, GIFs, and other material, the platform can get you engaged in its content in just a few seconds.

So, get your anxiety out of your stomach and watch 9Gag TV and get rid of all the aches caused by a load of work or other issues. But, be careful as some of the content may be NFSW and not suitable for people under 18. However, they are providing an endless approach to fun and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

People often search for some basic information and I have found some frequently asked questions about Youtube alternatives and tried to answer some of them that will further increase your knowledge. So read them here:

What can I use instead of YouTube?

Sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Veoh are already providing free videos to watch online and these platforms are great alternatives to Youtube. However, there are some other video sharing apps that are rising in the market like TikTok and Instagram IGTV, they are yet to establish their point to be a direct competition to the giant Youtube.

Who are YouTube's competitors?

Surprisingly, Netflix, Vevo, and Twitch are the main competitors to Youtube as they are providing more quality than quantity, they are showing people what people are looking for and they have specific niches to have users upload videos and watch videos on stream. While Netflix is not a free video streaming app, they are still hacking the market by providing high-quality videos on topics that people really like.

How can I download videos other than YouTube?

Downloading Youtube videos is not allowed officially by Youtube and still, there are some web developers who have dedicated sites and apps to download Youtube videos and that's illegal. However, to cope with this problem, Youtube recently introduced a download button under the video title which you can press to download Youtube videos to watch offline on your smartphone or other handy devices.

Where can I upload videos for free?

On Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Vimeo and there are many other video sharing websites and apps where you can upload your videos for free and nobody will stop you. All you have to do is just make sure your videos are suitable for the general public.

Can I make money on Dailymotion?

Yes, if you are creating your own content and know how to let more people watch your videos, you can upload videos to Dailymotion, apply for its partner program, and start showing paid ads that will help you earn money on Dailymotion just like you can earn on Youtube with Adsense ads.

Is Youtube Profitable?

While people are earning money on Youtube and becoming millionaires, there are some facts and some capital analysis experts who say that Youtube is not profitable to Google's parent company Alphabet and still, Youtube's revenue is increasing by 40% per year.

What Is the Conservative Alternative to Youtube?

As per Wikipedia, QubeTV was the first conservative alternative to YouTube that was founded by former Ronald Reagan aides Charlie Gerow and Jeff Lord it was all about conservatives but somehow the site collapsed and now we can't access it as it's been down for a long time.

Without saying any final words, I would love to say that these were the top 10 best video streaming sites which I titled as the greatest YouTube alternative platforms for everyone in 2023 and I hope that my efforts will not go in vain as you will share this list with your friends and family on social media.

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