10 Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps in 2024

10 Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps

Everyone knows that phones have limited storage.

The phone gets mostly filled up with the cache files.

Cache files are the files that are created by apps using to store more information. Typically, these cache files are not important and bog down the working of your phone.

To clear up space and optimize the working of the phone, Android cleaners are a great help. The cleaning apps can remove caches and cookies.

It can stop unnecessary apps running in the background.

Top 10 Android Cleaner Apps in 2024

The top 10 best Android Cleaner Apps for 2024 are as under:
  1. Avast Cleanup
  2. Clean Master
  3. 360 Security
  4. Hi Security
  5. All-In-One Toolbox
  6. Power Cleaner
  7. Ace Cleaner
  8. Go Speed
  9. Cache Cleaner- DU Speed Booster
  10. Systweak Android Cleaner
Now read more about these apps in details:

1. Avast Cleanup

best android cleaner
Avast Cleanup is one of the best cleaning Android apps with its effective performance in cache and junk cleaning.

It has over 100 million Android users. It does an in-depth scan and quickly analyzes your phone’s storage space and cleans up the cache and junk files. It also saves up space on the phone by clearing the cache of unused files. It amplifies the power of the phone and makes its performance impressive. Its UI is straightforward and easy to use.

With its premium subscription, you can take a few more advantages like automatic cleaning; eliminating ads and photo size optimization.

2. Clean Master

best android phone cleaner app
Clean Master dedicated to its name and performance is the best cleaning Android app along with its incredible features.

It destroys the junk files that fill up your phone space and slows down the phone. It cleans the memory of your phone and improves the speed and battery drainage of your phone. They also pack it with features like app lock, safe browsing, a private gallery, and safe messaging.

You can avoid spam notifications with the help of the notification cleaner. It also has the feature of battery save that can extend your phone time usage by removing battery-draining apps and speeding up the charging process.

It offers free antivirus that detects any virus and removes it from your phone. It also provides the feature of an intruder selfie and a fake app crash dialog box to protect your privacy.

This is the best all-in-one kind of Android app.

3. 360 Security

fee android cleaners app
With over 200 million users, 360 antiviruses are one of the topmost antiviruses available for Android at play store.

360 Security is specifically designed to act as a power cleaner, speed booster, and antivirus app. It is also efficient in optimizing background apps, battery power, and memory storage by deleting the cache files.

It is not only an android space cleaner but also maintains your phone through anti-spyware and virus remover, so your phone won’t crash due to viruses. It is also equipped with a call and SMS filter so you can easily block anonymous numbers to block list.Moreover, it has also high-security maintenance to protect your social apps, images, videos and personal documents from intruders with the help of app lock. You can lock apps with Pincode, password and pattern lock.

It conjointly provides a safe payment and shopping process and also monitors each installation and scans each file.

4. Hi Security

best android device security apps
Because of its amazing and talented developers, Hi Security is the best Android cleaner with over 5 million users.

It has a cloud-based antivirus system that protects your phone from viruses and makes it secure. It uses your phone memory and speeds up the functional capability of your phone. The one-tap acceleration booster improves phone performance.

Besides this, it also has a privacy protection advantage, so you can lock apps and your phone with a pin, password, or pattern lock. If you are choosy about your phone’s wallpaper, then don’t worry because it has an amazing custom wallpaper option, so you can keep your data safe and attractive.

It is super fast and easy to use, which makes it one of the best Android cleaning apps.

5. All in one Toolbox

best android cleaners
Having over 30 small built-in tools, All-In-one Toolbox has 100 million users across the globe.

It cleans the system and app cache, old APK files, old thumb images, and empty folders easily and frees up space. It also cools down your CPU. It also has a photo analyzing feature so it can compress photos easily to save space.

To make the phone’s battery power last longer, it clears up the programs running in the background and improves the phone’s speed.

It is one of the best apps to clean and optimize your Android phone or tablet.

6. Power Clean

amazing cleaner app for android
Power clean is a very popular Android phone cleaner and booster app.

It cleans phone memory and storage space with just one click. It has over 130+ million users. It quickly cleans the phone's junk and speeds up the phone. It offers the feature of Applock which prevents undesirable access to your favorite apps.

You can clean the phone virus with the help of free antivirus. Its 24/7 virus cleaner will give you protection against viruses throughout the day.

It also cleans your cache, memory, files, duplicate pictures, social apps, etc.

7. Ace Cleaner

great android app cleaner
Ace Cleaner is another well known Android Cleaner application.

It is amazing when it comes to boosting your phone’s performance. You can easily clean Ad garbage, residual garbage, cache garbage, memory garbage, APK data, etc. It offers an explicit cleaning feature for Facebook. Incorporated Applock provides protection for sensitive apps.

You can uninstall unwanted apps with the aid of an application manager. You can also erase duplicate photographs.

8. Go Speed

best speed optimizer app for android
Go Speed is the most downloaded Android cleaner application on the Google Play Store.

Go Speed Android cleaner can clean up and stop each one of those malicious applications running on your phone’s history.

This 5MB little speed supporter and garbage cleaner will verify your phone and make it faster in no time. You can also remove garbage records, store documents, temp records, etc. Go speed is 100% free.

9. Cache Cleaner by DU Speed Booster

Cache Cleaner by DU Speed Booster for android
Cache Cleaner is the most downloaded Android cleaner app on the Google Play Store.

It is one of the best speed promoters and garbage cleaner Android app. It is easy to use. You can clean virus, adware, malware, and trojans with the help of coordinated antivirus.

Cache cleaner scans your phone fast and cleans your caches files in one click.

10. Systweak Android Cleaner

good android cleaner app
Systweak Android Cleaner is another popular app on the Google Play Store.

It helps you to upgrade your phone's performance. This Android analyzer application accompanies one-tap sponsor highlight to clean garbage records, advance phone's battery, and erase duplicate documents, application director, and different modules to improve the phone's general execution.

Additionally, this Android cleaner is good with the most recent Android version.


There are huge amounts of Android Cleaner Apps accessible on the Google Play Store.

This is my rundown of the Top 10 best Android cleaner Apps of 2024.

Which one is your present top-pick?