Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone in 2024

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone in 2024

Are you an iPhone user?

Are you looking for the Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone?

If yes then my Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone will surely help you to find an app that suits your needs.

Photos not only play an important role in our lives but also in advertising and marketing campaigns brands and companies internationally.

If you have an iPhone, you can take HD to 4K photos in one tap (thanks to iPhone's super quality main camera setup). However, The iPhone camera lacks many filters and photo editing tools that are required for portraits and also for product photos. With latest iOS releases, you can do some basic editing using basic editing tools in iPhone but that is not enough for some photos.

The good thing is: You can enhance the features and add filters by using different Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iOS devices that we are listing here.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone 2024

After we tested each of these apps on our own devices here's the list of top 10 best free photo editing apps for iPhone in 2024:
  1. Snapseed
  2. Prisma
  3. VSCO
  4. Adobe Lightroom
  5. Canva
  6. Pixelmator
  7. Photo Collage
  8. Foodie
  9. Instagram
  10. Adobe Photoshop Fix
Now to understand what kind of app you really need for your photo editing work read a detailed description of these apps:

1. Snapseed

best iphone photo editing app
This is one of the finest photo editing app available for iPhone users on the App Store and is provided by the trusted software developer and your favorite "Google".

It allows the user to edit the photo automatically using a lot of different presets or you can do it manually using the components available on Snapseed. It possesses many interesting filters for giving a unique effect to your pictures.

Moreover, it has many photo editing tools so you can easily rotate, crop, enlarge the pictures and can add texts, frames, and double exposure all for free.

2. Prisma

the best ai photo editing app for iphone
Prisma is a stunning photo editing app for iPhone that can transform your photos into paintings.

It is laden with more than 300 art styles in the library of Prisma. You can easily give an artistic look to your casual photos with the help of Prisma.

It possesses many photo editing tools like exposure, contrast, brightness, etc. Prisma is a pretty popular app among iPhone users who are over 50 Million.


best instagram alternative and photo editing ios app
VSCO is just like Instagram. It has a camera, interesting filters and a community for creators.

You can connect with the most productive and brilliant community of VSCO by sharing your edited pictures and videos.
The decent filters of VSCO allow the users to give a classy touch to their photos. You can easily swipe between filters using a simple slider and choose any filter of your choice easily.

It also has the standard editing tools like cropping, frames, exposures, contrast, etc.

4. Adobe Lightroom

free photo editing app for ios devices
With over 50 million users Adobe Lightroom is one of the best and most used photos editing apps across the world.

It empowers you to design beautiful photos and also helps you improve your skills in photo editing. The preset allows the user to make striking changes in their photos.

You can also change exposure, tone, and tweak the colors on your photos to make them look more beautiful.

It also has amazing tutorials by other photographers which are really helpful in learning the editing. You can also manage your photos by using folders, albums, and flags. You can unlock some wonderful features by using the premium.

Premium allows you to access the cloud storage so you can open your editor anywhere and backup your original photos and edit or access them from anywhere.

It further allows the user to use a brush, selective adjustments, etc.

5. Canva

the best photo editing and capturing app for iphone
Canva is the ultimate photo editing app for iPhone users and designers who want to do more than just editing a photo and also for businesses to design banners, social media posts and more for free.

It is amply packed with stunning features of editing photos like a pro. You can create logos, banners, and poster designs using Canva even if you are not an expert. It is an all-rounder photo editing app that empowers you to create stories, edit videos, make logos, etc.

You can also create birthday and wedding invitations even if you are not a design expert. It has an easy to use text editor, which allows the users to add text and quotes selecting from an extensive range of 500+ fonts.

Moreover, you can show off your edits to the world by sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. You can save the edited pictures on your phone as well.

6. Pixelmator

amazing photo editing app for ios devices
Pixelmator is an incredibly powerful photo editing app for the iPhone and other ios devices like ipad.

It allows the user to undo each filter and adjustment even after saving it, which makes it more efficient. it supports importing different files like RAWs, DNG, JPGs, etc. it supports features like adjustments which includes color correction, curves, negative, sharpening, tonal values, etc. it also has some significant attributes like fixing perspective, mirroring, flipping, etc.

You can readily correct your images and add filters to them by using Pixelmator.

7. Photo Collage

photo collage maker app for iphone
Photo collage is one of the free downloaded photo editing apps for iPhone on the iPhone app store.

It is excellent if you want to create ultimate photo collages. It offers free sheets, lays, fonts, and cards. It also provides hundreds of photo grids, exclusive designs, and joyful background styles.

You can use spontaneous tools to clip, draw, and refine your collages. It has over 200 million users. After editing, you can share your collage to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc.

8. Foodie App

food photos editing app for iphone
The Foodie camera app is one of the free downloaded photo editing apps for iPhone on the iPhone app store. The Foodie camera application is an important companion for modern food lovers.

You can discover an entertaining and quick way to improve the perfect memory of the perfect food. It offers over 30 professional quality live filters, such as Yum, Positano, Tropical, etc.

The timer helps you to capture the ideal occasion. It is ideal for taking selfies that you will appreciate for life.

9. Instagram

the best photo editing app for iphone
Instagram is one of the free downloaded photo editing apps for the iPhone on the iPhone app store.

It provides the opportunity of sharing photos and establishing an online following. You can connect to Instagram from the Facebook account in one click. It brings you closer to the people and things you like.

You can hook up with friends, share what you want, or see what is new from others around the globe. You can post photos and videos to your newsfeed you want to display on your profile. You can also send messages to your friends.

It is one of the most popular photo editing apps for the iPhone.

10. Adobe Photoshop Fix

manual photo editing app for ios devices
Adobe Photoshop Fix is one of the free downloaded apps for iPhone on the iPhone app store.

This app enables powerful and easy image repair and recovery on your iPad or iPhone. You can create a perfect picture by Healing, smoothing, melting, lightening and proper editing.

After Editing you can access edited photos in other Adobe mobile and desktop applications by logging into Adobe Creative Cloud to further enhance them or use them in other creative projects.


We personally tested these apps before listing them here for you. That's why we can say that these are the the only top and best photo editing apps that you can find on appstore.

Stay with us as we will be updating this list with new and exciting apps (as we find them) for you.