Why Aren't Employees Happy With the Open Space Layout?

Why Aren't Employees Happy With the Open Space Layout?
For most growing companies, boosting everyone's morale and productivity is the topmost priority. That's why there are companies that are still using an open work environment to promote better collaboration.

But does it work?

Over the past several years, companies have this belief that open offices are an efficient way to save their funds on real estate. Even more, they believe that not having walls to separate one another spurs interaction among everyone.

Thus, promoting more collaborative work and even job satisfaction. But research shows that open spaces entirely does the opposite.

Why open spaces don't work 

Experts say that humans have an innate desire for privacy, especially when doing tasks. Most people who work in an open space environment tend to look around and check on what others are doing. Also, it makes them feel that people's eyes are always on them, making sure that he's working all the time. 

Entrepreneur Magazine says that an employee's perception of poor privacy can have adverse effects on his or her job satisfaction. Even worse, it can also harm his internal work relation. 

Making the open space layout work for you

Although the open space layout has received a ton of backlash from both employees and companies, there are ways to help you get the most out of it. Doing an open space layout in any of the Ortigas commercial spaces is possible if you know how to do it right.

Forbes says that you can start with creating a concept of for the office space. You need to find the right the proper layout that'll provide the employees with the right setting to work collaboratively without taking their own space for granted. You can even create a plan that can cater to both individual and group projects. 

Also, you need to ensure that the floor space makes it easier for your employees to select their destination. Creating a clearly defined space is an excellent way to establish the purpose of each room. 

When creating a layout, the holistic health of your employees should be your top priority. Studies show that sitting for prolonged hours can hurt a person's health. So, you need to design a layout that will encourage people to stand up and walk around. Ensure that they have the liberty to move around the office while still being productive.

To encourage a little movement to everyone, you can reward their activity and turn it into a contest. You can create a step challenge using a smartwatch to keep watch of the employees' steps. Once the month ends, the person who has the most significant number of steps wins the contest. It's a fun way to promote a healthy lifestyle while inside the office.

The open space concept has its pros and cons. knowing how to utilize your space can surely make a difference. Talking with the employees will give you an insight into all the things that work for them and all the other things that don't. So, try to ask them about their ideas and see if you can incorporate them into the office space.