How Can You Register as an LLC?

How Can You Register as an LLC?
LLC, short for limited liability company, is designed to be inexpensive and easy to set-up and run.

The reason why many businesses opt for LLCs is that it’s less complicated to set-up compared to corporations, but the LLC owner’s liability is the same as the incorporators.

If you want to register your business as an LLC, the first question you should seek answers to is “how to start an LLC?” The process is quite easy, and they are broken down into six steps.

Step 1: Create a name for your LLC.

First things first -- come up with an original name for your new LLC business. The title should be distinctive in a sense that people won’t confuse it with the name of another LLC. In naming your new LLC, you need to specify a designator in the business name to show that your business is indeed an LLC.

The LLC business name usually ends with the “Limited Liability Company” or LLC suffix, just like Pink Bubbles Manufacturing LLC, or Bart Simpsons and Daughters, Limited Company.

Step 2: Write down your new LLC’s address.

Each registered LLC needs a designated place for the business address. If the company you’ll set up will be run from your home, you can use your home address. If you have different locations, you can write down the address of your “headquarters” or your “head office.”

If you are renting an office space, your LLC address can be your new office address. The address of the LLC varies from state to state since other States allow the use of PO boxes as LLC address.

Step 3: Designate Your LLC’s Registered Agent.

The third step in how to start an LLC involves choosing a registered agent for the business. In the case of small LLCs, the owner or the managing director can be the registered agent.

The LLC owner or member can also act as the LLC’s registered agent, but this needs concurrence of other members. The registered agent will serve as the person who will receive tax and other official legal correspondence.

Step 4: Write down the names and addresses of all LLC members.

The LLC owners or members are the people who own the business. They are the individuals who will take the business’ profits as payment for themselves. In most states that support LLC registration, you will be required to provide the names and addresses of all members, yourself included, at the time you registered the LLC. PO boxes and street addresses can be used as registered addresses.

Step 5: State your LLC’s purpose.

In some states, you need to explain your company’s purpose. The explanation you initially provide during registration will not limit the type of your business. It’s okay to expand your business purpose later on.

Step 6: File your Articles of Organization.

After diligently gathering the required information about your new LLC, you need to submit formal documents to your state agency. To save you time and effort, Royal Legal Solutions can do this for you.

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