Proven Ways to Increase Organic Reach of Your Facebook Campaign

Proven Ways to Increase Organic Reach of Your Facebook Campaign
Marketers today have stressed about Reach, and as a result, there has been research about the various types of Organic Reach. There is Post Reach, Total Reach, and Organic Reach.

Organic Facebook reach refers to the number of Facebook users who view the Page Posts on your Facebook page or in News Feed through unpaid distribution and not through an ad. Facebook bases Organic Reach on the popularity, the frequency with which you post on your page and the likelihood of you liking a post and more.

For a post to be ranked by Facebook certain things are considered; among them is the number of people the post reaches, the number of comments, shares and reactions and the posts that come from family and friends.

There has been a tremendous decline of Organic Reach, especially in the past year mainly as a result of the News Feed algorithm update of 2018 and ads that compete for news space. As days go by, the News Feed has evolved a lot becoming very picky, which has posed as a challenge to online marketers and business owners. The posts that are given the priority these days are those posts that bring forth important interactions.

Such posts are those which are liked and commented on most and those whose contents are shared via Facebook Messenger.

Even though the Facebook algorithm is not working to the advantage of marketers and business owners, there are solutions to curbing the decline in Organic Reach. To ensure your Organic Reach does not keep declining, ensure that the things you post are interesting and attractive.

This will help you establish meaningful communication with your audience, and as you interact with them, your posts get prioritized.

How to increase Organic Reach of Your Facebook Campaign?

To boost your Organic Reach, there are effective elements of social media marketing strategies that you need to take into account:

Get your publishing time right

It is important to note that posting when your audiences are online will increase your Organic Reach by far. It gives them visibility to your content, and as a result, there are increased interactions and more activity on your page. Make a point to look into your performance data to establish when your posts get the most views and reactions, then you can take that as your official time for posting. Fine-tune your publication time to when your page engagement is more. You can also ask your audience to turn on their notifications for your posts so that they get notified each time you post something.

Ensure you post the right content

Pages that have a high rate of engagement receive the most recognition from Facebook. As such, it is vital to select the right information to post to boost your engagement average. Knowing your target audience is a good way to know which content is right for your page and which is inappropriate. Make sure the headlines you use get the attention of your audience by making them interesting and relatable. You can also use other platforms to measure the probable level of activity such as Twitter.

Post-Native Facebook Videos

Videos are the most attractive ways to communicate, especially with consumers as they out-space all other content. They are also more popular, and they get a higher Organic Reach compared to links, photos, and statuses. When making videos, ensure the focus is more on the community you are addressing than on your brand. Use of captions makes videos fun and easy to understand, so ensure you use noticeable and catchy captions.

Avoid Clickbait

Click baits can easily get your posts demoted so avoid them at all costs. The quality of posts is monitored closely by Facebook, so if you post content that is of poor quality or links that raise questions, your posts will get demoted. However tempting it is to use Click baits to increase your organic Reach; it is not worth drawing that kind of attention to your posts.

Audience Targeting

This is a good way to increase your Organic Reach and also to reclaim any that you might have lost. Preferred audience targeting lets you find a specific part of the audience that you want to reach. The categorization is mainly by age, gender, interests, language, and locality. The content you post on Facebook is first visible to people in the niche you have chosen, which means that it is seen by the right people, thus increasing your Organic Reach. This feature can also be used to give you access to the fans of your competitors, and with the right marketing strategies, it is possible that you could win them over.

Know your assets

As stated earlier, Facebook prioritizes content from family and friends over businesses. You can use this to your advantage by asking your friends, family, and workmates to engross in your posts and other business information you share. This will increase your Organic Reach because it means the number of people sharing your posts with their private networks is now more. These posts are shared by family and friends, which makes it very likely for your business to be trusted and looked into by prospective consumers. You can also invite engaged readers and viewers to follow your page. Once they follow you, Facebook sends them notifications of your posts, and their reactions and comments help increase your Organic Reach. It is as easy as selecting names of people who have reacted to your post and inviting them to follow you.

Use Live Videos

Facebook Live videos receive higher Organic Reach than native videos. Most people love live interactions, and it has been proven that thrice as many people prefer watching live transmissions than other regular videos. Posting your business content on statuses, stories, posts, advertising, emails, and groups helps create more awareness about your business, and in turn, it increases your Organic Reach. Live videos perform better in the engagement realm, which boosts your Organic Reach by far. Many people have not embraced the importance of Live videos in marketing, so this may be a good way to set you apart from your competitors. It helps you to interact with potential customers, especially if the videos you post are of good quality.

Use these strategies while creating your Facebook campaign to make your business reach your genuine audience and hence improve your business goals and revenue. Hope you will find these tricks helpful.