USC Housing: Living a Comfortable Student Life at the University of Southern California

USC Housing: Living a Comfortable Student Life at the University of Southern California
Getting into your dream university is a great achievement for every young adult. However, if you’re like other freshmen who are from a different city or state, your living situation will be much different than when you were in high school.

The University of Southern California provides USC housing for its students. However, freshmen students have different dorms and suites compared to the upperclassmen.

But why choose a dorm rather than rent an apartment near the university? What are the benefits? What type of housing should you choose?

USC Housing vs. Renting

Whether you choose usc housing or renting an apartment, you’re going to pay some fees. So, why is the university’s housing the better choice?

First off, you can save when you choose their housing option. The average money you’ll spend for a school year, including the rent and full meal plans, is around $16,915 to $18,510.

Your rent is also payable by your university student account.

Now, that may sound a lot. But the average monthly rent for apartments near USC is $2,500. And that’s solely the cost of the rent. Your bills and food are not included yet. Remember, you’re in Los Angeles, and it has one of the highest housing rates in the country.

Assuming you’d have to drive to school, you also have to pay for your gas.

Another significant benefit of choosing in-campus housing is you don’t have to commute.

Besides saving money on gas, you can avoid possible traffic. Your classes are within walking distance.

If your class is at the other end of the university, you can use the USC bus or lifts for free.

You’re also closer to libraries. Studying is made easier.

The university’s housing options all have a high level of security, maintenance, and laundry facilities. You also have the choice to be reassigned to different housing.

Lastly, you have the option to choose the housing that suits your lifestyle.

Types of Housing

When you attend the University of Southern California, you have the choice to live in a residence hall or a suite. Your preference will affect your budget as each place has a different rate.

But most of all, your choice will affect your lifestyle.

Residence Halls are the most common choice among first-year college students. It gives you the traditional college housing experience. You get to share community lounges, bathrooms, and even workout areas.

Each room has a double occupancy, which gives you the chance to get a best friend for life.

Suites are perfect for groups of friends. It can typically accommodate eight students in four double-occupancy rooms and two bathrooms.

The university also offers apartments. These units are for upperclassmen and encourage a more independent lifestyle. Like standard apartments, each unit has a kitchen and either one or two double-occupancy rooms.

Choosing a college housing is the best way to boost your college experience. You can have a glimpse of independence. Plus, you can feel more comfortable with people who understand the struggles of college life.