10 Best News Apps for Android Smartphones in 2023

10 Best News Apps for Android Smartphones in 2023

In this constantly changing world, everyone wants to keep up with the latest news and current affairs. Events or the world continue to change over time, and news helps people access the latest information about them.

There are many mediums to get updates all over the world, such as newspapers, TV, radio, and the Internet. In addition, technology also helps humanity because there are many applications or ways that provide detailed information about the world.

All of these applications provide all the details needed by the user, such as breaking news and the latest trends. They also provide knowledge about sports, business, politics, technology and more.

These news applications provide regular updates and information on trending topics or events on users’ Android devices.

Below are the 10 Best News Apps for Android Smartphones to Stay Updated in 2023.
  1. Flipboard
  2. Blendle
  3. Google News
  4. Ozy
  5. Quartz
  6. Microsoft News
  7. The Guardian
  8. USA Today
  9. BBC News
  10. News Republic
As everybody wants to get the latest news updates quicker than the rest of the world, we are here to help you choose the best news aggregator that can help you actually find the latest and breaking news first within your friends' circle:

1. Flipboard

1. Flipboard
Flipboard is one of the finest news apps for Android on the Google Play Store.

With about 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store, this app offers important stories and personalized news articles.

Why use Flipboard?
  • Easy to use layout
  • Visual Call
  • Tons of sources
  • Well-organized content
  • Customized news feed
Download Flipboard for Free

2. Blendle

2. Blendle
You can sign in using Facebook or your Blendle account.

It offers a wide range of newspapers and magazine articles and allows you to filter articles according to your preferences. You can pay only for what interests you.

Why use Blendle?
  • Wide variety of articles
  • Instant refunds if a feature does not match your views
  • Much cheaper than keeping separate subscriptions
  • You can have articles delivered away to you.
  • Over 1,000,000 users
Download Blendle for Free

3. Google News

3. Google News
Google News is one of the best news apps for Android on the Google Play Store. It provides significant headlines, local broadcasts and the freshest improvements on the issues that appeal to you.

This application also provides tech news, market news, sports news, domestic and global news, entertainment, and further.

Why use Google News?
  • Enormous source
  • AI-enhanced curation
  • Dark mode for night reading
  • Reading format optimized for mobile devices.
  • Over 1,000 magazine titles
Download Google News for Free

4. OZY

4. OZY
OZY is one of the best global magazines and news apps for Android on the Google Play Store. This application focuses on information, politics, sports, business, entertainment, and technology.

You can read stories about emerging trends, provocative ideas or cool things in one click. It contains advertisements.
Why use Ozy?
  • Timely topics put in context
  • 24/7 updated news
  • Broad-minded historical anecdotes
  • The brief and soft word format
  • Reviews of current and/or challenging people
Download OZY for Free

5. Quartz

5. Quartz
Quartz is a popular magazine and news application for Android on the Google Play Store. You can stay informed with notifications about important stories and personalize your news feed with topics that you like.

Follow your favorite thinkers from technology, finance, business, politics and more. You can also choose stories that interest you and share your ideas with a community of knowledgeable leaders, subject matter experts, and curious minds.

It contains advertisements and in-app purchase offers.

Why use Quartz?
  • Modern chatbot news delivery style
  • It takes five minutes to tell you what you missed.
  • Daily updates
  • Smart discussion about the news.
  • 24/7 updated news
Download Quartz for Free

6. Microsoft News

6. Microsoft News
Microsoft News is an amazing application that syncs across all computers, mobiles, and tablets.

We can call it the well regulated and easy-to-use news app. We can also call it one of the finest news applications for topics and content.

Why use Microsoft News?
  • Stylish and pleasant interface
  • Dark mode
  • Breezy navigation
  • Clean design
  • Important local news
Download Quartz for Free

7. The Guardian

7. The Guardian
The Guardian is one of the best magazines and news applications for Android on the Google Play Store. You get news alerts directly to your mobile. This amazing application provides 24/7 newsfeed updates and customizable content.

You get world news, political news, sports news, and more in one click. It contains ads and offers in-app purchases.

Why Use The Guardian?
  • Read Top Stories
  • Live news
  • Explore the best stories, recipes and more
  • Latest Sports News
  • Access audio, video, and interactive content
Download The Guardian for Free

8. USA Today

8. USA Today
USA Today is one of the best magazines and news apps for Android on the Google Play Store.

It provides daily news about America, local news, foreign news and weather updates. It contains ads and offers in-app purchases.

Why use USA Today?
  • Personalized news feed
  • Breaking news alert
  • Games
  • Podcasts
  • 24/7 updated content
Download USA Today for Free

9. BBC News

9. BBC News
BBC News is one of the best news and magazines application for Android on the Google Play Store. It offers video, audio, and access to various photo galleries and full-screen images.

You can listen to live  BBC radio services and browse BBC News indexes such as Politics, Business, Entertainment, and Health. It contains advertising.

Why use BBC News?
  • Millions of downloads
  • Good ratings
  • Friendly user interface
  • Wide range of topics
  • Top stories
Download BBC News for Free

10. News Republic

10. News Republic
The News Republic is another popular magazine and news apps for Android on the Google Play Store. The News Republic offers you over 1 million topics to customize in an intuitive interface.

It gives you the latest news, world and local news, viral headlines, trending videos, and live articles.

Why Use the News Republic?
  • Popular articles that are trending
  • Sport News
  • Video News
  • Trending News
  • Social media sharing
Download News Republic for Free


There are tons of free news applications available for the iPhone, Android, and other platforms.

Most Android users get free news application downloads from the Google Play Store. There are many features in these applications that provide details directly to the users.

This is my list of 10 best News Apps for Android smartphones to stay updated in 2023.

Which one is your current top-pick?
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