Essential Things You Need to Know About Swaddling

Essential Things You Need to Know About Swaddling

If your baby has trouble sleeping, wrapping him like a burrito might hush him to sleep. This burrito-style wrap is known as swaddling, and it is a trick that has been practiced for a very long time. Parents wrap their babies not only to keep them asleep but also to calm them down and protect them.

Swaddling had not gained any familiarity in the 18th century. However, interest in it came back in the early 1970s. Parents of today are looking for a new appreciation for this age-old method. Now, they use a velcro blanket for swaddling a baby.

What does swaddling mean?

Swaddling means to use a blanket to tightly wrap a baby in a way that he feels safe and secure, just like when he was still in his mother’s womb. While many people question the safety of swaddle, the fact that the wrap is fastened snugly in a burrito style, it’s difficult for such a blanket to come undone. Swaddling, if done correctly, is very safe.

Why should you swaddle your baby?

When you swaddle your little one, you create a familiar, snug, and soothing feeling that babies used to feel when they were in their mothers’ wombs. This feeling makes them feel safe and secure. During the last few months of the baby’s stay in the womb, they have very little space to make movements while repositioning his feet and hands. Swaddling gives them the same feel.

You can swaddle your baby every time he feels fussy or when he's about to cry for no reason. When you wrap them, it's like you're also giving them a comforting hug. As such, the baby can’t help but feel calm. This type is more effective if paired with other calming techniques like making "shh" sound or swaying.

Can swaddling cause SIDS?

One of the everyday worries of parents when it comes to using a blanket for swaddling a baby is that it can cause SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. Swaddling cannot directly cause SIDS.

A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics points out that swaddling can make babies have a sounder sleep. However, decreased arousal can increase SIDS risk. It's essential to observe the following, to avoid SIDS while swaddling:

● Keep the baby in his back when he’s sleeping on firm surfaces like a bassinet or crib with a tight-fitting blanket.

● Avoid soft bedding like soft toys, pillows, blankets, and crib bumpers.

● Check your baby’s temperature and avoid making him overheat under the swaddle.

● Make sure that the swaddle doesn’t cover your baby’s neck and face.

How to safely swaddle your baby?

The best and easiest way to swaddle your baby is with the use of a velcro swaddle. With this, you can tuck your baby in the blanket. Here’s how to wrap your baby safely:

Step 1: Spread your square blanket on a flat surface, imitating a diamond shape. Carefully fold the top corner of the sheet toward the diamond’s center. Make sure that the top part forms a line.

Step 2: Put your baby on the blanket. Make sure that he is facing up and his neck along the sheet’s top edge.

Step 3: Hold your baby’s left arm gently and make sure it’s placed on his side. Fold the blanket around four inches from your baby’s left shoulder and pull the sheet tightly down across his body. Make sure that the edge of the sheet is tucked nicely underneath your baby.

Step 4: Lift the bottom corner of the sheet and move it across your baby’s body, covering his right arm and legs. Tuck the edge of the sheet behind your baby’s shoulder. Make sure to provide ample space for your baby’s feet, hips, and legs to move.

Step 5: Lift the unfolded corner and pull the sheet tightly across your baby's body. Make sure that his arms are straight — tuck the edge of the layer underneath your baby's opposite side.

Where can you buy a safe and premium-grade swaddle?

To make swaddling easier, buy a ready to use velcro swaddle from Snugglebumbkinz. With their quality, soft, and durable swaddles, you will have peace of mind. Your baby is safe and secure under the comfortable blanket.
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