Jamie Siminoff Biography, Married Life, Wife, Age, Success Story

Jamie Siminoff Biography, Married Life, Wife, Age, Success Story
James Siminoff born in Chester, New Jersey, the USA, in the year 1976 famous as Jamie Siminoff is an American entrepreneur and is famous because of his startup "Ring" that is a smart doorbell product.

Entrepreneurs around the globe know Siminoff as a will-power and as an example of how you should never give up and hit the jackpot with your own efforts.

As when he sold his startup to Amazon for an estimated value of $1.2 to $1.8 billion and the deal made him a millionaire, people started to talk about this magnet and then he got instant fame.

Not just that, the story is more interesting than the sell of just one single doorbell product. But, before knowing more about Jamie, read his biography and know where he belongs to:

Jamie Siminoff Biography

Birth Name:James Siminoff
Birthday:18th October 1976
Birthplace:Chester, New Jersey, USA
Zodiac Sign (Star):Libra
Profession:Entrepreneur (Startup Founder)
Parents:No Information Available
Wife:Erin Lindsey Siminoff
Income:Not Revealed Yet
Net Worth:$400 million


People call him the "Genius Inventor" and many publications have published that Jamie started his training to be an entrepreneur from an early age. Working from the garage he invented the Doorbot today known as Amazon's Ring products. Before inventing the smart doorbell, he tasted his mindset by making gadgets and toys that nobody knows about.


The 48 years old Jamie is now a famous name in the entrepreneurial industry and holds fame in inventing something creative by upgrading the old inventions.


After getting school studies from a college completing high school education from Morristown Beard, Jamie went straight to Babson College in 1995 and started his Entrepreneurship course in which he learned how to be an entrepreneur.

Jamie received an entrepreneurial degree in 1999 and then started his first business which was all about creating marketing plans for other startups and businesses and with the help of other team members he started making his own products.


He got married on 7 October 2006 and Jamie's wife is supportive of his business ideas, work problems and other things in the life

Jamie Siminoff has a small family sharing his life with one wife Erin Lindsey Siminoff and his son Oliver. Jamie's wife Erin Siminoff works at the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is also a famous personality.

Erin and Jamie share a happy life together as they are active in social activities and regularly post updates about their real-life couple goals.


According to his official Tumblr blog (official website), he is currently the Chief Inventor at Edison Jr President of NobelBiz and Chief Strategy Advisor of Ditech Networks (DITC) but is not revealing the salary.

Failure to Success Story of Jamie with Doorbot (Ring)

We recently shared Jamie Siminoff's Net Worth details and how he made his $30 million. Now you can read in details what exactly he faced during making his first big move.

The story starts from his first startup "Doorbot" which he found in his garage while working on some projects. He found that answering people who are on the door is not really a smart thing until he made the first doorbot. Solving his own problem, he made a smart doorbell.

Integrating the doorbell with the camera, alarm system, and Wi-Fi facilities to control everything at the 2nd side of the door Jamie made the first smart doorbell.

Initially, he founded his startup with $364,000 in funds from crowdfunding and his own pocket, then he decided to showcase his product on a famous TV Show "Shark Tank" but failed to impress the investors.

He was asking $700,000 for a 10% investment in the company that was capable of generating huge sales, but somehow the investors gave him a big no.

One of four investors (as they say Sharks) offered Jamie a complicated loan deal and Jamie rejected that deal to make him work on the product rather than covering the loan issues.

Soon after failing in the first run, he decided to rename the company and registered Ring as the official name for his Doorbot startup. Then he managed to crack $5 million in annual sales that made the company attract many other investors.

After some time, entrepreneurs like Goldman Sachs and organizations like Qualcomm Ventures gave $200 million to Jamie as investments and then he announced that the Ring had been sold to Amazon for around $1.2 billion to $1.8 billion making him a millionaire overnight.

At the time of the sale, he was holding up to 30% of the company and the net profit after taxes was around $25 million to $35 million.

In 2022 Jamie founded a company and sold it to Latch just after a few months to become the new CEO of Latch, Inc. in March, 2023.

He's absolutely a genius entrepreneur!