Businesses Can Now Add Custom List of Services to GMB Listings

Businesses Can Now Add Custom List of Services to GMB Listings
If you are an active user of Google My Business (GMB) which is business-solution from Google, from now you can easily add your custom services to your Google My Business listing.

With an update to GMB, Google will allow businesses to choose types of services that they are currently offering to the customers.

For example, if you are using GMB and providing digital marketing services, you will be able to select content writing services, graphics design services and more.

How to add Custom List Of Services to GMB?

Here are the quick and simple steps to add a custom list of services to your Google my business listing and generate more sales, get more leads and grow your business:
  1. Sign in to Google My Business dashboard
  2. Open the location you would like to manage
  3. From the main menu, click Info
  4. In the “Services” section, click Edit
  5. Add your custom services
That's all, now you will have your custom services showing on your GMB listing.

NOTE: With the above steps, you will be able to add your own services even if Google is not suggesting them, so it is a full solution for you.

However, if you still need help, we are here and we can help you in the comments form right below.