4 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

4 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process
It takes a lot of time, energy, and money (especially money) to hire an employee. As such, it’s imperative that you’re hiring the right one at the first time of asking.

Nobody wants to go through the process of onboarding a staff member, only to discover that it’s not going to work out, and have to go through the process all over again.

The good news is that getting the right employee isn’t based on luck. You can improve your hiring process by conducting job test to shortlist the candidates, and get a high-quality team member, every time. 

We take a look at a few ways how below.

1. Focus on the Goals

Business owners can sometimes focus a little too much on the task the new staff member will do. In many cases, it’s best to focus on the longer-term goals that you’re trying to achieve.

This is because the methods for how you work can change, but goals can stay fixed. It wouldn’t make sense to hire a Facebook marketing expert if you knew that Facebook was on the way (it’s not, this is just an example).

Instead, you’d want to hire someone who understands how to convey marketing principles to the public.

You’re taking a skill that can be used again and again, rather than trying to find an employee for one specific task.

2. Change Your Job Descriptions

The biggest error companies make is in the tone of their job description.

If you’re continually getting low-quality candidates for the positions that you’re advertising, then it’s time to look at your job ads. There are two types of job postings.

One just lists a long list of requirements; they’re uninspiring, they’re demanding, and the top talent always ignores them. The other type outlines some requirements, but also inspires, and tells the candidate what the company can do for them (rather than just the other way around).

These are the ones that the best talent respond to.

3. Dig a Little Deeper

Have you ever been excited about a new staff member, only to find that, once they’re working for you, they’re falling short of your expectations in one way or another?

It happens all the time, and always for the same reason -- the hiring company didn’t do their research properly.

As much as you’d like to, you can’t just take a candidates word as face value. Before you hire a new employee, make sure that you perform a background check, and follow up with the professional references that they provided.

This will help to flag up any potential issues before it’s too late.

It’s much easier to rescind a job offer, rather than try to replace an employee once they’re already on board.

4. Culture Fits

Finally, make sure that a potential employee is in sync with your company culture.

It’ll be much easier for you and them if they get effortlessly link up with the ethos and attitude of the office.

A person could be extremely talented, but if they’re at odds with what the company is trying to achieve, then it’ll be an uphill battle.