WordPress Introduces A New Way For Bloggers to Make Money (Subscription, Donations and more)

If you are a blogger and running your blogs on WordPress.com's hosting plans, you are all set to start receiving recurring payments from your readers (audience).

WordPress officially introduces a new way to monetize websites and content without installing third-party plugins.

If you have a newsletter for exclusive content or looking to expand your business with a membership plan, you can do such things with this new recurring payment feature by WordPress that is available to you via any paid plan on WordPress.com

As Artur Piszek shared on a WordPress blog post:
“Let your followers support you with periodic, scheduled payments. Charge for your weekly newsletter, accept monthly donations, sell yearly access to exclusive content — and do it all with an automated payment system.”
There are some awesome demo options that you can apply to your blogs and websites for enabling a new way to earn money with WordPress:
  • Receive scheduled payments directly from front-page of your website/blog
  • Create an ongoing subscription, donations and memberships plans and whatever you want
  • Integrate with your favorite payments processor like Stripe for getting funds in your personal account easily
That's not enough?

You can make use of other plugins and eCommerce sites will have another advantage, video content websites will have a huge turn and the professional bloggers will be able to hold their content behind a paywall.

How to enable Recurring Payments in WordPress.com?

Follow the steps below:
  1. Create a new Stripe account (if you already have one skip to step 2)
  2. Go to your WordPress.com Dashboard and visit the Earn page > click Connect Stripe
  3. Now add a recurring payments button where you want it to be shown using the Block Editor (Gutenberg Editor)
  4. Customize your payments as you like from subscription tiers to the frequency and amounts
However, the recurring payments option is not a free tool from WordPress, it will cost you and here are the details of what you may have to pay to WordPress:
  • For personal plans: 8% of the money received
  • For premium plans: 4% of the money received
  • For business plans: 2% of the money received
And after WordPress's cut, Stripe will charge you a 2.9% = $0.30 for every payment and that's not a cool thing for small publishers. However, it can help you make extra cash flow.

For using recurring payments from WordPress, you must have a WordPress.com account and this one account will help you enable this option for as many of your WordPress blogs as you want.

Watch Recurring Payments on WordPress.com in Action: