8 Things to Consider to Keep Your Home Safe

8 Things to Consider to Keep Your Home Safe
Home is a place of solace for those who live in it. It should be one of the few places where one should feel safe and secure. However, the FBI reported in 2017 that burglaries happen in the country every 23 seconds. That’s 3,757 each day! 

While the numbers sound so intimidating, there are plenty of steps you can keep your home safe. Here are some of them.

1. Add More Locks on the Doors

Of course, the first few things to secure at home are the entryways. Take time to check the safety measures already installed on the doors. Make sure that all existing locks are functional and are properly attached. Get yourself a lockpick set, and test the integrity of your locks. If they can be easily picked, you will need to change your locks.

Add an extra layer of protection by installing another lock or two. Deadbolts are tested and proven devices to consider to make sure that unwanted guests won’t be able to step in easily. Digital locks are also good measures to take in upgrading your home’s security system.

2. Secure the Windows

Windows are also common entryways for burglars. That’s why it’s essential that these are also secured properly. Simple steps like adding curtains make it hard for unwanted individuals to get a glimpse of what’s inside the house. Keep the windows locked even during daytime as most burglaries occur during the day.

Consider reinforcing the security of your windows by adding window latches or key-operated levers. Try using window-security films to help strengthen glass panels. You can also install window bars and glass-break sensors for added layers of protection. 

3. Equip Yourself

Protect your family at home in case someone manages to show up unwanted. Consider equipping getting a weapon that will help in self-defense, such as a gun. Remember to research first on the basics of gun use, or better yet, take lessons for proper handling and shooting. 

Personalizing your gun allows you to be more comfortable with it. Make it unique by customizing it with different accessories, such as handguards and quad rails. These will not only make the gun look good, but will also let it perform better. 

4. Keep the Lights On

Establishing that there are people present at home is crucial. It can be as easy as keeping the lights on in some rooms at night. This lessens the chances of burglars from entering for fear of getting caught. 

If going on away on a holiday, try getting light time switches, which turn the lights on or off after certain periods. You may also want to add extra lighting to the front yard and backyard for more visibility in case someone outside is lurking. 

5. Install Security Cameras

Invest in quality security cameras so you can monitor what’s going on in the house even while you’re away. Install them in areas that can give the cameras wider visibility areas. Keeping them in plain sight will intimidate any unwanted guest.  

6. Consider a Cleaner-Looking Landscape

While gardens make the home look pretty, they can give more opportunities for burglars to hide while they pry or scope the house. Keep bushes and small trees to a minimum. If possible, space them farther apart from one another. Avoid having trees near windows as this can make breaking and entering easy. 

7. Pick Up the Mail

One green light for burglars to enter the house is the pile of mail on the front door. Make sure to regularly pick up the mail to avoid giving the signal that nobody is at home.

When away from vacation, pause your subscriptions on magazines or newspapers to make it look like someone else had already picked up the mail. If possible, ask help from a trusted friend or neighbor in picking up packages at the doorstep when no one is around at home.

8. Think of Creative Ways to Hide Valuables

Don’t just keep important things in plain sight! Find better ways to hide valuables, like in safety vaults. If you’re still in the process of building the storage, make it more creative by installing secret drawers in different parts of the house to keep burglars guessing. 


Overall, going the extra mile in keeping your home safe is a necessary step to take to secure the family. Remember to invest in quality materials or equipment that will last longer, and your family will thank you later.