WhatsApp Dark Mode: A Dream for Most Of the Users

WhatsApp Dark Mode: A Dream for Most Of the Users
Whatsapp Dark Mode: It is almost ready to be rolled out for all of the users but as of now, some of the users are able to enable Whatsapp dark mode on Android and iOS devices.

There are some news websites and people on Twitter that are revealing the news of WhatsApp‘s long-awaited dark mode feature in Android smartphones. They are sharing screenshots of this new feature.

Still, there's no official announcement of the dark mode by Whatsapp and as you know, they are has been testing this dark theme for their Android users from many months and yet have not announced anything related to this.

This time, A website WaBetaInfo (dedicated to Whatsapp features) detected the dark them update within the new beta release of Whatsapp for Android users.

It is also revealed that dark mode for iOS Whatsapp version is also ready to be released and pending with some minor errors that the Whatsapp team still has to resolve.

As the website shared:
“It’s something that WhatsApp can fix in 15 minutes,” the site explained. “The real problem is that we don’t know when they will do.”
Tech geeks say that this dark mode from Whatsapp will help users not to drain more battery and easily read/type messages without any white screen or glare. They say that this will help Whatsapp to gain more trust and more users.

How to enable Dark Mode on Whatsapp:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Theme options
  3. Check Dark and click OK
You will see Whatsapp in the dark mode like below screen shots:
How to enable Dark Mode on Whatsapp android

If you are using a beta version of Whatsapp, you can update it now and then will be able to find the dark them feature in it (it is a tricky thing) and if you are using a stable version, you have to wait for the official release.

There are some rumors that Facebook (Whatsapp parent company) will release a few more features like Low Data Mode and Haptic Support option in iOS devices with this dark mode or a dark theme feature.