Apple To Launch iPhone 9 and SE Series in March 2020

Apple To Launch iPhone 9 and SE Series in March 2020
Bloomberg reported that Apple is already in the process of making iPhone 9 and maybe the SE series that will be a mid-range segment of Apple's devices for the very first time.

By the late March 2020, we are expecting an iPhone 9 launch and it will surely break hearts of iPhone 11 owners as there are reports that this new and the first iPhone release of 2020 will be an under budget phone with the OLED display screen and A13 processor that is available in 11 series only.

It will be the second-generation iPhone 9/SE and the basic smartphone-set will be available for purchase around $399 in American markets. This will be Apple's debut into the mid-range smartphone market.

A few sources claimed that Apple is already in talks with its manufacturers (Pegatron, Winstron, and Foxconn and maybe others) to manufacture this market-killer iPhone 9.

The design of iPhone 9 will be inspired by iPhone 8 and the one-camera setup will be offered with a 4.7-inch display and a home button including the touch ID support.

However, to make it a low-cost and budget-friendly iPhone, Apple is not going to introduce Face ID and dual or triple camera setup in iPhone 9 and iPhone SE 2020 series.

There are rumors that this iPhone will be available for $399 while iPhone 8 is available at $499, there is a big chance that Apple will stop the manufacturing of iPhone 8 and retire it.

So, we are expecting to see a new iPhone 9 by March 2020 in hands of iPhone lovers who still want a compact design and the traditional-look of the device.