Instagram to Compete with TikTok, added New Filters to Boomerang

Instagram to Compete with TikTok, added New Filters to Boomerang
Following the success of TikTok, Instagram has added new effects and filters to its independent Boomerang application. Changing the Boomerang feature of 1-second videos to go 2-seconds.

Boomerang was created to compete with Twitter's Vine app but, there was no big update to the Instagram app regarding this Boomerang app and today, the parent company of these apps Facebook is going to compete with TikTok with a few amazing features in the latest update to Boomerang.

Instagram has added three new effects to create fun loops: SlowMo, Echo, and Duo.

The first one cuts the speed of the Boomerangs in half, so the videos last two seconds rather than being a 1-second loop. The echo is a kind of blur-effect that adds a blurry background to moving objects like humans and other items too.

See the Live Demo (with official statement):

With including an option to trim videos which helps if your videos are not ready yet, they added the Duo feature that performs rewinding of the video and adds a special effect retro transition.

These updates are available to all Android and iOS Instagram users worldwide.

As Facebook added these new features and filters to Boomerang and not directly to Instagram, they must be testing things around to actually compete with TikTok as it is making the short-form-videos the trend of today's social media.

We are looking forward to seeing when Facebook will announce the merge of Boomerang or they will market it as a direct competitor to TikTok.