After Blocking 500 Million Phones in Pakistan, PTA Gave These Reasons

After Blocking 500 Million Phones in Pakistan, PTA Gave These Reasons
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has blocked 50 million mobile phones since January 2020 in action to reduce illegal mobile trade.

Of the closed mobile phones, 32 million mobile phones are GSMA valid, while 18 million are non-functional devices.

Officials said the mobile phones that were blocked were brought to Pakistan illegally, causing financial loss besides security threats to Pakistan.

According to the details of the PTA, 165.4 million people were using mobile phones until November 2019.

Mobile phones registered with PTA have been allowed to operate, while all those mobile phones that were being operated illegally were discontinued on January 15.

Last year, by the PTA, people were informed that they would make sure to pay the applicable tax on their mobile phones.
According to a report released by the FBR, the government has collected Rs 11 billion from mobile phone tax collection.
In Pakistan, the trend of bringing mobile phones from other countries was increasing, which was hurting the Pakistani government. Because of all the mobile phones that came from abroad, the government did not get their tax.

To avoid all such cases, the PTA had ordered that all Pakistani citizens register their mobile phones.

At the same time, people were told how to find out about their mobile, whether they were registered or not.

Various media sources have also repeatedly told people how to register their mobile phones but still millions of phones got blocked by PTA.