The 8 Best Resume Fonts in 2024

The 8 Best Resume Fonts in 2024

As many recruiters ask for a perfect CV/Resume, they always talk about the fonts used. They want your resumes to be perfect and decent in terms of text. You also can understand that getting rejected just because of a bad resume is the worst thing ever. To try and avoid feeling like this, you may feel tempted to find an online resume template. Having a cookie-cutter resume isn't going to help you stand out against other applicants. Before defaulting to this, you should read this article and see options for online templates.

Resume fonts or in talks for several decades and the people who are in this industry want some clarifications. In addition, to help you out in selecting the best resume font, we are here to show you a list of best resume fonts that you can use for making a CV or Resume in 2024.

So, let we help you and make things clear as we requested some of the experts from some career counseling centers, colleges, and online teachers to arrange a list of top 8 best fonts for a resume that are listed below:

1. Calibri

At #1 absolutely we have a Calibri, and it is a sans-serif font that is also a default font in Microsoft Word software that has replaced Times New Roman as a default font. If you want to get your resume noticed in a casual way and look professional, it will do this thing and make sure that your digital resume looks nice on every computer or mobile screen and gets printed clearly.

2. Garamond

Things are changed here, as our experts say that this typeface is also the best one and can be used in almost every resume that is for an international brand. It is best known for creative work, academic jobs and other related industries that know the values of creativeness as it is the font named after French type designer Claude Garamont.

3. Cambria

If you are applying to a tech company, this font can help you get noticed as it is a perfect font for digital resumes and looks great on all the screens. Introduced in 2004, Cambria made its mark and it is being used to craft quick resumes that are print-friendly too. Headings with this font stand out.

4. Georgia

My favorite and people who want to make their resumes a bit stylish can use Georgia as the best resume font. Following the modern era, every recruiter is on a digital screen and loves to review resumes on laptops. If you are sending your resume virtually, this font can give you a 1+ as it looks stunning on screens.

5. Didot

Not a really common font, but have great abilities as it looks stunning when used in headings and people who are applying to any creative agency or a fashion-related company can use it to further enhance their resumes. It is not a suitable font for printed resumes as it looks glitchy in small text.

6. Arial

Most of the people at shops use this font to printout resumes and the job seekers are also easy with it. Today everybody is looking for a change, as Arial is a sans-serif font and is used for millions of resumes, still being used, we should avoid it and turn to other alternatives. However, for some agencies, this is the best font for a resume.

7. Helvetica

If you are a lover of sans-serif fonts, you can select Helvetica as your resume font. It looks clean on printed documents and is also a modern font. This is also a font that has been used for various logos of various big brands which makes it a choice of every professional or hiring manager near you.

8. Trebuchet MS

If you are not a fan of creative and edgy fonts, but love sans-serif, you should select Trebuchet MS as your resume font and it will also look good on screens. It may ruin your resume on a printed document, but it is the best and easy to read font for digital screens.

So, that was a list of top 8 best resume fonts in 2024 that you can use in your CV or Resume to make it stand out.

If you are still looking for suggestions or help, you can ask any question using the comments form below.