Byte App To Share 100% Ad-revenue with Creators

Byte App To Share 100% Ad-revenue with Creators
Following the success of 15-seconds video app TikTok, here's the biggest competitor from its successor "Vine" and it is "Byte App" and creators will get paid on the app in a few months.

This feature will enable selected creators to be a partner with the company and start monetizing their content with ads and selling Byte apparel while they will be able to get invitations for meet and greets and also test our some experimental features that may be introduced in the app later.

Driven from Vine, the Byte app will be a success for sure as most of the teenagers are now addicted to such content that is already in the mainstream from apps like TikTok, Likee, and others. As TikTok is today's social media app for teenagers and still not allowing its users to directly monetize their content, Byte is making efforts to reward its users by allowing them to monetize content as per their needs.

Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann who launched this app last week for iOS and Android users enjoyed a warm welcome by receiving over 780K downloads and still counting.

In a series of Tweets, Byte team shared their plans to reward users and here you can read all the information:
For now, the program is invitation-only and by submitting a Google form here, Byte users who think they are good for the partner program can submit their details to be in the eye of the Byte team and in just a few weeks or months, the Byte team will reach to creators.

The best part is: Byte app's initial pilot partner program will share 100% ad-revenue with its creators and the company says that their ads will not be annoying and will not be on any retargeting methods (it will not ruin the experience of the app).
As the company says "We built Byte for creators" and they are aiming at big hit by sharing 100 percent of initial pilot revenue with their creators, then they will surely have an established system.
Just a week old app is making a dent in the social media world and people are curious to know more about this app as for now, it is available only in the United States.

So, if you are looking to make money with Byte app, you will soon be able to do it.