Digital Signage at the Workplace: Ways to Get Your Teams to Embrace it

Digital Signage at the Workplace: Ways to Get Your Teams to Embrace it
Do you want to scale your business to greater heights? Then it’s advised to invest in employee engagement.

A Gallup survey shows that companies with proper engagement systems often outperform those without by 202%. An easy way to engage your teams is by using cutting-edge digital signage technology.

Engagement entails ensuring employees are kept in the loop of what’s happening in the company.

Here is how to ensure everyone on your team embraces the idea of digital signage software at the workplace.

1. Inform and Involve Everyone

Humans are habitual creatures. Once one gets accustomed to a particular culture or way of doing things, the idea of change tends to cause fear and panic.

In that light, most organizational changes fail not because there’s a problem with the suggested strategy or solution, but because of poor implementation of the strategies.

That is why although your intentions of introducing digital signage software are good, most employees will probably resist or have a hard time adapting if you shove it in their faces. Therefore, don't just wake up one day and tell them critical organizational announcements will be delivered via a video call when they're used to receiving texts or emails.

Instead, involve them from the implementation process.

For instance, hold a short breakfast meeting and inform them of your plan. Explain how digital signage technology works and allow them to offer their input. They could suggest some of the content they think should be delivered via signage and information they’d prefer to receive via conventional channels such as emails.

They could also offer input on where they think the signage hardware, for instance, a video wall should be. This way, they’ll feel their thoughts are appreciated and will be more open to embracing any changes brought about by digital signage technology at the workplace.

2. Emphasize the Benefits

Informing your team about the upcoming changes is just half the battle.

You also have to ensure they’ll receive the changes and feedback positively. This is especially essential if the changes will impact their work schedule.

For instance, introducing signage technology means your IT team now has an additional segment to focus on as they'll be responsible for managing the software, creating, and scheduling content.

Emphasizing the benefits of digital signage will also fuel a sense of enthusiasm towards the changes, so they don't dwell on the workload part.

3. Hold an Internal Launch

Although change tends to evoke fear, if introduced tactfully, it can evoke excitement and, as a result, get your employees to support your ideas and vision.

One way is to get them excited about the use of signage technology at their workplace is to hold an internal launch. Send out announcements about the launch, but don't let them know what it is about yet.

The mystery will create curiosity, and consequently, excitement. During the launch, explain why the move to digital signage is necessary, and when its implementation will be complete to get them on board.

Employee engagement often makes your staff feel appreciated. As a result, they create an emotional commitment to their job, and instead of working for the next paycheck or promotion, they work towards the achievement of an entity's goal.

A powerful way to accelerate employee engagement is through digital signage software solutions from reputable companies like Appspace.

However, for this strategy to be a success, you need to ensure every staff member is in tune with the tips above.